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EWVT Winning Half-way Championship after a 3:0 Victory over Shandong

 Date:2009.12.28   Publisher:Evergrande Group

December 27, 2009 marked the onset of the 7th round of fierce in Group B of 2009-2010 Anta National Women’s Volleyball League. Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team (“EWVT”), which ranks 1st on the scoreboard with a 5-game win streak, played on the home court against the runner-up Shandong Women’s Volleyball Team. This dialogue between two strong competitors drew widespread attention and covered live by both CCTV5 and the sports channel of GDTV. In the end, EWVT reaped an easy way of 3:0 (25:20, 25:20, 25:12) and took the half-way championship with the proud result of winning all the 6 games.

Both sides used their main lineup, including Feng Kun, Zhou Suhong and Yang Hao of EWVT and Liu Weina of Shandong team.

EWVT started the first set by scoring consecutively through the spikes of Zhou Suhong, a veteran player, before getting into the first technical timeout with a 6:2 lead. Then, Zhou and Hamotto continued to widen the point difference with wonderful smashes and cunning dink spikes. Faced with a deficit of 7:15, Shandong team called a second timeout. After the adjustment made, Shandong team improved somewhat. But, EWVT that had the initiative in hands gave no more chance to the opponent and won the first set 25:20.

At the beginning of the second set, EWVT scored a service point and led 8:2 when the first technical timeout came. The largest point gap of the set once reached 17:5. Loath to lag behind, Shandong team fought back and narrowed the gap to 23:18. Finally, a spike miss of Shandong team fixed the points at 25:20, with EWVT winning one more set.

Having lost two sets running, Shandong team scored the first two points of the third set. But the lead was short-lived. EWVT staged a quick comeback and brought the set to the first technical timeout with a lead of 8:5. Then, Shandong team tried hard to narrow the gap. But EWVT scored 6 straight points through spikes and drops to widen the gap to 19:10 and won the 3rd set easily 25:12.

The game marks the 6th consecutive win of EWVT in the league and has brought the half-way championship to EWVT. Then, EWVT will have two home games running, the first of which will fall on December 29 against Hebei Women’s Volleyball Team. 

EWVT Players Scoring Repeatedly with Blocks

Precise Teamwork of EWVT Players

Passionate Volleyball Babies

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