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The news conference on the Evergrande Sino-USA Women’s Volleyball Dual Meet was ceremoniously held

 Date:2010.01.12   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On January 11 2010, the news conference on the Sino-USA women's volleyball dual meet was ceremoniously held in Guangzhou Hengda Hotel. At the news conference, the host announced to the world that the Sino-USA Women’s Volleyball Dual Meet would be held in Guangzhou on Feb. 2. When the time comes, the Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team (“EWVT”) headed by Lang Ping will face off against the USA Women’s Volleyball Team, a powerful team in the international volleyball world, in Guangzhou Gymnasium, which will be the first match between a volleyball club team of China and a foreign national team.

EWVT will lead the fashion again

As the first completely professional volleyball club team in China, EWVT has always been making first-ever breakthroughs in the volleyball circle of China from its birth. The setup of EWVT has led the fashion in the volleyball circle of China; Evergrande invited Lang Ping, a coach of international influence, to be the coach of the newly established EWVT, which has caused a sensational effect in the world; The main players of the former national team gathered in EWVT, which made insiders of the circle exclaim; Since the league matches began, the “Lang’s Team” has not only swept away all obstacles, but also raised the upsurge of volleyball which has been long-lost in China; The more noticeable is, not long after the end of the competition season, EWVT invited the USA Women’s Volleyball Team to come for the dual meet, leading the fashion of contests between a professional volleyball club team and a foreign national team, which have no precedent in the volleyball history of China.

The match between EWVT and USA Women’s Volleyball Team this time will create a new mode for the development of Chinese volleyball club teams. Through the dual meets with powerful international teams, the own skills and tactics of Chinese volleyball club teams can be improved, the development of Chinese volleyball sport can be promoted, and a better volleyball market atmosphere can be created, so the significance is great. In addition, it is believed that this international dual meet mode started by EWVT is just a beginning.

The summit battle will start the prelude to the Asian Games

Lang Ping has respectively served as the chief coach of the National Women's Volleyball Team of China and the United States. As for the Evergrande Sino-USA women's volleyball dual meet between EWVT of which Lang Ping is the coach and the USA National Women’s Volleyball Team of which Lang Ping is the former coach, there will be many watching focuses and the match will be wonderful.

The EWVT headed by Lang Ping has made excellent achievements in the league matches. The cooperation between players has been more and more mature. While she is the former coach of the USA National Women’s Volleyball Team, she is familiar with its tactics and style. The collision between the two teams will certainly be a very wonderful match, which may bring a high-level international match to volleyball fans. Because Lang Ping, the coach who has the experience of being a coach of the two teams, will directly conduct the dual meet, the dual meet will certainly become a story on people’s lips in the history of matches between the volleyball teams of the two countries.

Liu Kejun, Vice President of China Volleyball Association who attended the news conference, said, "As it is just the time before the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Asian Games atmosphere is denser and denser. As an international top match of high starting point and high level, the dual meet has the significance of starting the prelude to the Guangzhou Asian Games. This great event will certainly arouse wide concern inside and outside the sport circle."

The powerful strength of Evergrande is the strong backing of the volleyball team

A reputable personage of the volleyball circle who participated in the news conference pointed out that as the performance of Evergrande Real Estate Group has increased to a large extent in 2009, the more and more powerful strength of the group will guarantee the success of the Sino-USA women’s volleyball team dual meet. In many people’s opinion, an international contest between a First Division Group B Club Team of China and the USA National Women’s Volleyball Team just exists in the imagination. But the powerful economic strength of Evergrande Real Estate Group makes this imagination become the reality.

According to the performance report announced by Evergrande Real Estate Group at the beginning of January, from January to December of last year, the accumulative realized contracted sales amount of Evergrande Real Estate Group reaches about 30.3 billion yuan, with an increase of 402.3% compared with that of the previous year. The sales plan of 30 billion yuan of contracted sales amount has been successfully achieved. The accumulative contracted sales area is about 5,637,000 square meters, with an increase of 396.5% compared with that of the previous year. On this basis, the sales target in 2010 of Evergrande Real Estate Group will reach 40 billion yuan.

The fast development of Evergrande Real Estate Group has provided the solid material foundation for the construction and breakthrough of EWVT. The successful realization of the Evergrande Sino-USA Women’s Volleyball Dual Meet will be impossible without the strong financial support of Evergrande Real Estate Group.  

In the afternoon of January 11, the news conferences on the 2010 Evergrande Sino-USA Women's Volleyball Dual Meet was ceremoniously held in Hengda Hotel

China Volleyball Association, Guangzhou Sports Bureau, and American Consulate in Guangzhou jointly presented EWVT with a flag, and wished the dual meet to be satisfactorily successful

Mr. Robert Palladino, the Press and Cultural Consul of USA Consulate in Guangzhou, acclaimed that this dual meet will be another transmission of the friendship between China and the USA

With more than 100 major media institutions from home and abroad packing the News Conference Hall, the atmosphere of the meeting place was very warm

The summit battle will raise the upsurge in the volleyball circle again. The journalists emulatively ask questions

Coach Lang Ping answered reporter's questions

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