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“Iron Fist” Coach Lee Jang-soo Joins Evergrande Football Club at Lightning Speed Chairman Xu Thinks Highly of Lee in Four Aspects and Puts forward Two Requirements

 Date:2010.03.25   Publisher:Evergrande Group

In the afternoon of March 25th, Evergrande Football Club that is always being focused in China football field held a press conference in Guangzhou to announce that Coach Lee Jang-soo with nickname of “Iron Fist” finally joined Evergrande Football Club as the head coach. The Korean head coach Lee Jang-soo has rich experience of professional football coaching in China, who has ever been the head coach of the champion team of Chinese Football Association Super League—Beijing Guo’an Club. For the coming A League matches, it’s no doubt that Coach Lee Jang-soo’s joining will greatly enhance the integral tactical level of Evergrande Football Club and will be significantly for Evergrande to be upgraded to the Super League next year.

At the very beginning when Evergrande Real Estate Group became the host of Guangzhou Football Club, it declared that it would definitely manage Guangzhou Football Club well at any cost and rebuild a trump-card football team for Guangzhou fans. After Gao Lin, a player of the national football team, joined Evergrande Football Club, the lightning joining of Coach Lee Jang-soo is another huge investment and shocking action in China football field. In such short time of around 20 days since Evergrande Football Club was established, Evergrande has continuously input large amount of investment to rapidly improve the energy of the team.

Just with the powerful support of Evergrande, the club could have sufficient capital and resolution. Furthermore, Evergrande’s enterprise policy of meticulous planning and high-efficient execution has been already executed for this new club. Rapid analysis, resolute decision, and efficient execution provide the most complete preparation for the commencement of the coming season.

For the joining of Coach Lee Jang-soo, Dr. Xu Jiayin, the chairman of the director board of Evergrande Real Estate Group, is full of confidence and expectation. Chairman Xu Jiayin said that he thought highly of Coach Lee Jang-soo in four aspects, namely, the excellent coaching capacity, the honesty and moral, the rigorous management, and the dedication spirit of Coach Lee.

Mr. Liu Yongzhuo, chairman of the board of directors of the club, said in the press conference that the successful invitation of Coach Lee Jang-soo was the honor of the club and greatly enhanced the confidence of the club. In addition, it also showed the determination of the club to construct the team.

Liu Yongzhuo, Chairman of the club, issues the letter of appointment to Coach Li

With the joining of Coach Lee, the management construction of the team and club is now being gradually completed. Therefore, chairman Xu especially put forward two requirements: firstly, to concern over each team member and each club member; secondly, to strictly manage the club with “Iron Fist” to fully construct Evergrande Football Club well.

The promises committed by chairman Xu on the press conference when Evergrande Group became the host of Guangzhou Football Club are now being gradually realized. To be the best is the principle for Evergrande Group to operate a football club. After inviting Coach Lang Ping for Evergrande Volleyball Club in the past, now it successfully invites “Iron Fist” Coach Lee Jang-soo with rich experience for brilliant success for Evergrande Football Club. With consistent passion and perseverance, Evergrande Real Estate Group is now laying the best development foundation for Guangdong football undertaking and making efforts for the recovery of Guangdong football undertaking.

Coach Li answers the reporters’ questions

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