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Evergrande Won an Easy Victory over BIT at 3:1 in the First Game

 Date:2010.04.03   Publisher:Evergrande Group

In the afternoon of Apr. 3, 2010, Evergrande Football Club that receives much concern had the first game of Chinese Series A League. Evergrande team in the host field completed the debut in 2010 Chinese Series A League with a perfect victory. With two wonderful goals of Gao Lin and a smart goal of Tang Dechao, Evergrande defeated Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) that challenged in the visiting field by a large margin at 3:1 and got 3 scores. Professor Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of directors of Evergrande Real Estate Group went personally to the field to boost the morale of the team. Chairman Xu watched the game full of interest. He clapped his hands to cheer the team from time to time, and the team also submitted a satisfying answer sheet with a complete victory.


Evergrande defeated BIT at 3:1, Gao Lin scored two points

Evergrande firmly controlled the rhythm of the game from the very beginning and showed huge advantage. Evergrande frequently shot, making BIT team constantly on the run for defense and have no time to attack. In the 23rd minute of the first half, with the opportunity for penalty kick created by No. 9 player Beach, No. 29 player Gao Lin scored the first goal for Evergrande. Only six minutes later, No. 13 player Tang Dechao scored the second goal for the team, thus increasing the score. In the injury time of the first half, Gao Lin scored his second goal in the game. At the end of the first half, Evergrande held a safe lead over BIT team at 3:0.

In the second half, Evergrande continued to launch the powerful offensive to the goal of the other party, and always held the absolute advantage on the field. But it failed to increase the score again due to the lack of luck. In the 88th minute, No. 2 player Ye Long of BIT team who joined the game as a substituting player scored a goal saving the face of BIT team, and the score of the game was finally frozen at 3:1.


Free transportation with 70 big buses, football fans lit up the passion on the field

As a result of the preparation for the Asian Games, the principal stadiums in Guangzhou are in renovation, so the first game of Evergrande was held in Zengcheng Stadium. But Evergrande Football Club has made adequate preparation beforehand. It provided free transportation for football fans with 70-odd big buses, solving the transportation problem of football fans to a large extent. Guangzhou football fans and even football fans from all over the country have shown great concern and passion to this game. Although there was a temperature drop in Guangzhou, the field was full of enthusiasm, and became the ocean of screams and cheers. The enthusiasm of the football fan was on the upsurge, and there were unceasing songs and cheers. The excellent performance of Evergrande team lit up the passion of the football fan, and the support of the football fans also provided endless power to the team. The exciting scene appeared again in the game of Chinese Series A League which has not been so hot for a long time.


100-odd media were present  13 TV stations live telecast the game

A great deal of watching focuses of the game attracted the concern of various circles of society especially the media. With both the debut of Iron Coach Lee Jang-soo and the presence of Gao Lin, the football player of the national team, the gorgeous presence of Evergrande team which deserves to be called a strong team even in Chinese Super League attracted a lot of mainstream media from all over the country to report the game. There were more than 150 reporters from more than 100 mainstream media from all over the country for reporting the game, which also broke the record on the field of Chinese Series A League.

In addition, 13 TV stations of the country such as Guangdong TV Station, Beijing TV Station, Chongqing TV Station, Guiyang TV Station, Hubei TV Station, Changsha TV Station, Jiangsu TV Station, Chengdu TV Station, and Liaoning TV Station live telecast the game at the same time. This scene is unique not only on the field of Chinese Series A League, but also in the Chinese football history. It is reported that there were only five TV stations live telecasting the game of Beijing Guo’an in the AFC Champions League when the football market was the hottest. From this aspect, the debut of Evergrande in Chinese Series A League has completely surpassed the standard of AFC Champions League.




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