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Chairman Xu met with Evergrande’s players; setting a 3-yr goal to strive for Asian championship title

 Date:2010.04.27   Publisher:Evergrande Group

In the evening of Apr 26, Xu Jiayin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Real Estate Group, met with the players of Evergrande Football Team and Volleyball Team, accompanied by Liu Yongzhuo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Club, and Lee Jang-soo, Chief Coach of Evergrande Football Club. During the meeting, which had a light and pleasant tone, Xu Jiayin recognized the progress and results achieved by Evergrande Football Team since its establishment, put forward Three Wishes for the players, and set the goal to win AFC Champions League within three years

Chairman Xu recognized the current achievements and encouraged players to win honors for China

The Guangzhou Automobile Team of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club attended the meeting held in Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula under the leadership of Chief Coach Lee Jang-soo after returning from the visiting match in Chengdu yesterday afternoon. Xu Jiayin expressed his opinions on the recent performance of the team, who first analyzed the adverse impact caused by a series of objective factors on the team, such as degrading in the previous league, quitting of excellent players and changing coach team just one week before commencement of league. Then, he praised the performance of the team. “Under such circumstances, we are the winner for achieving the current results,” said Xu. “What I want to mention is the combatant spirit and the team work of our players. Congratulations on our victory.”

Meantime, Chairman Xu put forward the long-term goal of Evergrande Football Club - to strive for AFC champions league title with three years and win honors for China! The perfect procedure is to return to the Chinese Super League this year, try to enter the top four next year and become Asian champion in 2012. However, “due to the limited time and conditions this year, the current goal is to strive for the Chinese Super League, and you could just take it easy,” Xu said. “This is our goal, even if we failed we could try again next year. We will reach the goal sooner or later.”

Set up special incentive bonus to spur continuous progress of players

Chairman Xu also brought forward Three Wishes for the team in the meeting, calling for combatant spirit, team work and continuous progress, who announced at the same time to summarize the performance of the team at the end of May with the first 10 rounds of league completed and set up special bonus of 2 million RMB to award those who had tried their best to compete on the court. The purpose is to lay good foundation for the team with combatant spirit and build up the spirit of never-give-up, which is the core of fair play for competitive sports.

Chairman Xu hoped Evergrande’ players to keep learning, including enhancing self-cultivation and learning “Zhihang Style”, which was named after the former national soccer team captain Rong Zhihang known for being ethical, hard working and friendly, as well as playing with the style of Guangzhou Evergrande Football.

Exert all efforts to establish a world-class training base, with work arrangements for the retired players

Chairman Xu was glad to tell the attendees that a field near the urban district that covers over 300mu(equivalent to 200,000m2) has been selected as site of a world-class football training base, comprising 12 playgrounds, 9 courts, 3 artificial lawn playgrounds and 6 supporting buildings. When in service, the base could not only meet the demands for the training and competition, and living of our players, but also bring convenience to visiting teams. The site has good environmental conditions, with construction standard to reach top level of the world.

Xu promised again to treat all players equal to employees of Evergrande and would provide jobs to those retired.

Sun Xiang, former player of the Shanghai Shenhua Football Club with experience in UEFA Champions league when serving for PSV Eindhoven Football Club, arrived in Guangzhou on Apr 26 and will have a trial in Baiyun Mountain base in the afternoon of Apr 27.The competent and experienced genuine left winger is expected to upgrade both offence and defence strength of the Guangzhou Automobile Team.

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