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Guangzhou Automobile of Guangzhou Evergrande 1-0 Anhui Nine Square

 Date:2010.05.02   Publisher:Evergrande Group

At 3:00 p.m. on May 1, 2010, the 6th round of Chinese first league - Automobile of Guangzhou Evergrande Soccer Club vs. Anhui Nine Square - was kicked off at home in Guangzhou Zengcheng stadium on time, which was the focus of 2010 season. When it came to 82 minutes, Feng Junyan, No.7 player, of Guangzhou Automobile of Guangzhou Evergrande scored a goal, which was the only score of full-court press. Guangzhou Automobile of Guangzhou Evergrande won second time at home with this and got three points in one time finally.

In the full court press, Guangzhou Automobile of Evergrande took an initiative control in court with distinct advantage. While Anhui Nine Square fought shoulder to shoulder, Instructor Li made personnel and tactics adjustment in a timely manner based on the field situation. Performance of Evergrande players on the field was also getting better and better.

Guangzhou Fans Did Not Forsake Them and Re-staged Blue Storm at Home

In the field, Guangzhou fans in blue shirts formed a magnificent blue sea again. The formation constituted by waving team flags, uniformed gesture, whinny shout through the stadium and huge crowds embodied the full support of Guangzhou fans for Guangzhou Automobile of Guangzhou Evergrande again.

Fans’ shouting matching with the game rhythm one after another, Guangzhou Automobile of Guangzhou Evergrande ignited the enthusiasm of the fans in the second half of game with violent attack. This not only brought great power to Guangzhou Automobile of Guangzhou Evergrande at home race, but also brought great psychology pressure to Anhui Nine Square away from home.

In the conference after game, Zhao Changhong, chief coach of Anhui Nine Square, specially mentioned the deterrence of Guangzhou fans, while summing up the game. After the game, Guangzhou Automobile team went to the stand to thank the fans one by one. Instructor Lee also extended his thanks to the fans in the press conference after the game.

Capacity First Independent of Age, More Opportunities for Young Players

When it went to 33 minutes, Peng Shaoxiong, No. 21 young players, replaced John on court and then created and grasped opportunity for the team attack.

In the press conference after the game, Li Zhangzhu gave positive appraisal to the performance of Peng Shaoxiong, "Though Peng Shaoxiong is relatively young, he has more solid basic skills and stronger desire to win the game. He is a promising left forward." And instructor Li also pointed out that "Who will play on court in the game is not decided by age. Those who have good state and strong ability will have more opportunities." As a chief coach, he will treat everyone equally and create development opportunity for players.

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