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Evergrande GAC Team Beats Shanghai East-Asia Team at 3:1 Under the Leadership of Li Zhangzhu

 Date:2010.05.08   Publisher:Evergrande Group

At 19:45 of May 7, the key competition of round 7 of China Football Series A started in Shanghai stadium between the visiting team Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club GAC Team and the home team Shanghai East-Asia Team. After tense competition of 90 minutes, Evergrande GAC Team beat Shanghai East-Asia Team, ranking the third after another 3 points on the strength of advantageous 3:1.

As the two teams were all topic teams with different team style and both teams had no competition records in the past, the game became focus of attention.

Both teams entered the intense race upon opening of the game. In the 7th minute, number 21 of Evergrande GAC Team Peng Shaoxiong took the lead to score a goal; after 4 minutes, number 5 of Shanghai East-Asia Team Wang Jiayu flared out the score by means of a shoot of a center. In the afterward competition, Gao Lin of Evergrande GAC Team scored the goal twice and maintained the score at 3:1, winning the victory as a visiting team for the first time.

Young Players Spare No Efforts With Proper Guidance of Li Zhangzhu

In today's competition, young players Li Zhilang and Peng Shaoxiong participated in the game as starting lineup. Peng Shaoxiong took the lead to break through the gate of the opposite team in the 7th minute of the game and inspired the team morale.

In the second half, Li Zhangzhu replace number 9 Biqi by number 20 youngster Ni Bo, which brought great change to the left defense, enhanced the control over the team and successfully delayed the counter-attack of the opponent team. But in front cour, the cooperation of Wu Pingfeng, Gao Lin and Peng Shaoxiong made frequent threats to the gate of the opposite team.

Regarding the victory, Li Zhangzhu remarked after the game that “It is not some player but the whole team who displays well today. I am moved at the untiring running of some old members like Li Jianhua and Wu Pingfeng! As a captain of the team vessel, I cannot say the character “difficulties” no matter what difficult conditions we may confront!”

Gao Lin Scores Two Goals to Show His Fine Technique

Gao Lin displayed his prominent individual ability and ended other’s doubt about a playmaker with a whole set of action.

The competition to 27 minutes, Gao Lin dribbles the crosswise breakthrough before opposite party forbidden area, after getting rid of opposite party defensive player shoots vigorously, score rewriting is 2:1. In the 77th minute, under the strategic guidance of leader Li Zhangzhu, Ni Bo passed a goal and Gao Lin scored the goal fast within the goal area and won a point for the team.

It was reported that on early April, 10 when Evergrande GAC Team went to Shanghai to fight Shanghai Zhongbang Team as a visiting team, Gao Lin tore the defense of Shanghai Zhongbang Team and scored a goal for the team. Hence, Gao Lin ranks the first place on the shooter board of this season with 5 scores.

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