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Evergrande GAC Team Ranks the Second in the Scoreboard

 Date:2010.05.23   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On May 22, Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club GAC Team went north to play the game as the guest team with Yanbian Team in Yanji. In the scoreboard before the game, Guangzhou Evergrande Team and Yanbian Team respectively ranked the third and the forth, so the victory or defeat of the game received much concern from all parties.

Although both parties have many chances to score the goal in the 90 minutes of the game, none of them made a breakthrough. Finally, both teams drew the game. Evergrande got one score as the guest team. In the game on the same day, Chengdu Blades was defeated by Shanghai East Asia at 0:3. By then, Guangzhou Evergrande ranked the second in the scoreboard with the total score of 15.

As the “devil home field” is uneven, Evergrande GAC TEAM plays the “aerial game”

In today’s game, Guangzhou Evergrande Team which plays in the guest field also faces the test of “devil home field”. It is reported that the home field of Yanbian Team is too hard and uneven. It is difficult for most players to adapt themselves to such a field, and they are very likely to get hurt. Compared with Evergrande Team, Yanbian Team which is familiar with the field performs relatively easily in the game. Yanbian Team has won the previous three games in the home field, thus winning the title of Dragon on the Home Field. According to the condition, Coach Lee has made clear the tactic of playing the “aerial game”.

In the whole game, Evergrande GAC Team creates several chances for scoring the goal. At the 47th minute, Mercan kicked the ball too high near the goal; at the 53rd minute, Wu Pingfeng ran to the front court from the midway and shot, but failed to score a goal.

Guangdong derby game will be carried out soon and Evergrande GAC Team may win the game

In the tenth round of game of China League One on next Saturday, Guangzhou Evergrande GAC Team will play with Guangdong Sunray Cave on the home field, performing the Guangdong derby game. At the beginning when Coach Lee joined Evergrande, he led the team to play a warm-up match with Sunray Cave, and defeated Sunray Cave at 3:1.

At that time, Gao Lin and Ye Weichao, the No. 1 and No. 2 players in the shooter board of China League One of this competition season will be rivals again. If Evergrande GAC Team can successfully get three scores in this game, it can rank the first in the scoreboard after ten rounds of games of China League One.

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