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Guangzhou Evergrande Automobile Team successfully won the halfway champion

 Date:2010.05.30   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On May 29, the event of the first stage of 2010 League Game came to an end. In the Guangdong Derby Event that day, Guangzhou Evergrande Automobile Team triumphed over Guangdong Sunray Cave Team at a ratio of 2:1. Hence, Guangzhou Evergrande Automobile Team successfully won the halfway champion with the achievement of 18 points in 9 rounds.

When the event came to the 44th minute, Gao Lin, a football player on the national team, scored a goal. At the 64th minute, thanks to Beach’s header, Guangzhou Evergrande Automobile Team expanded the score to 2:0. Afterwards, Ye Weichao from Guangdong Sunray Cave Team drew one point at the 77th minute, but finally, the Team was defeated by Guangzhou Evergrande Automobile Team at a ratio of 1:2.

Guangzhou Evergrande Automobile Team won the halfway champion with leading points

Within the short period less than three months from formally hosting Guangzhou Football Team on March 1 to winning the halfway champion of League Game recently, Guangzhou Football Team successfully bottomed out and greeted a new height with the boosting of Evergrande. Hence, Evergrande was worthy of the promise “recreating a Guangzhou trump team for football fans” at the beginning of hosting, and was more worthy of the orientation and pursuit that “once you do it you must do it best”.

Coach Li said after the event,“As a football team, it is not easy to rank first in whichever league game. We are so happy that we have achieved it. This is due to the hard work of the whole team. Here I’d like to thank Evergrande Club for its consistent support for the team.”

Guangzhou media and the football fans turned out together for the Derby complex

In face of Guangdong Derby Event long separated for seven years, Guangzhou media and Guangzhou football fans paid great attention and enthusiasm. In the event that day, Guangzhou football fans whipped up a blue storm again, and gained the overwhelming advantage in the PK of Blue and Orange.

Although the event that day was affected by the downpour, Guangdong Derby players still made efforts in presenting a splendid competition. The Derby event long separated for seven years was believed to bring the football fans endless emotions and endless guess for the next Derby event.

Evergrande would have the bright future in the new journey with the incoming player addition

Coach Li disclosed in the news conference after the event that Evergande had sent commissioners to Brazil for on-the-spot investigation, hoping to bring a vanguard from Brazil to reinforce the attack of the team. “We hope to bring pleasant events for Guangzhou football fans. Therefore, we hope to invest more in the attack and bring more joys for the football fans.” In addition, Coach Li affirmed the performance of Lu Lin and Wang Xiaoshi, and said the Club would sign contracts with them recently.

During the off-season of league game for one and a half months, in addition to player addition, Evergrande broke through the problems on how to organize a more effective defensive system and how to make a breakthrough on the physical strength of players, etc. and it was sure a prelude to the final victory.

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