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Chairman Xu requiring the club to be “most” in three aspects

 Date:2010.07.26   Publisher:Evergrande Group

In the 13th round of League A held on July 24, Evergrande’s Guangzhou Automobile Football Team challenged the promoted Hunan Xiangtao Team away from home. After 90 minutes of competition, Evergrande Team beat the opponent at 1:0 thanks to an ingenious teamwork between Muriqui and Gao Lin, and won the half-way champion with a total score of 25 points.

On the evening of the next day, Professor Xu Jiayin, Chairman of Board of Directors, held a symposium involving Evergrande Football Club and Volleyball Club. While recognizing the results achieved by the clubs, he expressed a higher hope for the development of the clubs. Director Liu Jiangnan and Deputy Inspector Liao Xiaoming of Guangzhou Sports Bureau, Mr. Xie Zhiguang, Director of Guangzhou Football Administration Center, were also present at the symposium.

Director Liu first congratulated the clubs on their excellent performance and then noted: “Guangzhou Asian Games is drawing near. I hope that all coaches and players can celebrate and embrace the event by continuing to put up wonderful matches.”

In his speech, Chairman Xu focused on three sentences: “First, the coaches and players of the clubs are the pride of Evergrande; second, I hope the spirit and culture of Evergrande can be carried forward in the clubs; third, the clubs should try to become the most enviable, most powerful and most respected clubs.”

Chairman Xu pointed out that the return of Head Coach Lang Ping to join the club, the glorious result of 12 consecutive wins of Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team and the jump of Evergrande Football Team to the first place of League A all mark the active explorations made during the sports professionalization of China and represent the major enhancement of the brand Evergrande. “As the spirit of Evergrande is carried forward in the clubs, the clubs should become envied by other clubs in terms of benefits and team struggle spirit; they should become the most powerful clubs through the enhancement of techniques and tactics and through the intensification of the awareness for united struggle; they should remain modest in words and deeds to win the respect of other clubs, their players, the fans and the media through practical actions.”

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