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Good beginning of the season’s second half: Guangzhou Evergrande Team waltzing away with a 3:0 victory over Beijing BIT Team

 Date:2010.07.31   Publisher:Evergrande Group

July 31 saw the kickoff of the 14th round of China Serie A, with Guangzhou Evergrande Team, the half-way champion, playing away against Beijing BIT Team. The bout between the first place and the last place ended with no suspense: the former licked the latter 3:0 in an overwhelming victory to secure an auspicious beginning of the second half of the season.

Just 38 seconds after the opening whistle, Zheng Zhi scored the first goal for his team. Wu Pingfeng got the ball on the right and raced to the goal line for a cross. Muriqui got the ball, made some adjustment and passed it to Zheng Zhi, who used his left foot to shoot the ball into the top right corner of the net.

The two goals scored in the second half were both by Bee-chey. At the 55th minute, Sun Xiang got the ball into the opponent’s box from the back court with a long pass, enabling Bee-chey to head the ball in. At the 88th minute, Gao Lin took the ball into the box and passed it to Bee-chey, who sent it into the empty net to score his second goal. So far, Bee-chey has scored 7 goals in the season, including 5 headers. Therefore, he has been given the nickname “Sky Grasper” by the media.


After the match, Evergrande continued to lead with 28 points.

It is learnt that, after Evergrande Team comfortably beat Hunan Xiangtao Team on 24th, Professor Xu Jiayin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Real Estate Group, again held a symposium and encouraged the players to turn the club into the “most enviable, most powerful and most respected club”, greatly exciting the team.

At the press conference held after the game, coach Lee Jang-soo expressed satisfaction at the result of the 3:0 victory over Beijing BIT Team. He also noted that the result had come as a matter of course, for the Mr. Xu, the boss of Evergrade Group, had spared no efforts in promoting the development of the club and the team could only repay the Group and the boss with achievements.

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