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Guangzhou Evergrande Team swept Shanghai Zhongbang Team 3:1 to remain on top of the scoreboard with a 4th straight win

 Date:2010.08.09   Publisher:Evergrande Group

August 7 saw the kickoff of the 15th round of China Serie A, with Guangzhou Evrgrande Team hosting Shanghai Zhongbang Team in Foshan Century Lotus Stadium for its first night game of the season. Thanks to the goals scored by Bee-chey, Gao Lin and Zheng Zhi, Evergrande swept the opponent 3:1 to remain on top of the scoreboard with 31 points.

At 15th minute in the match, Sun Xiang passed the ball from midfield to Bee-chey in the goal area, who stretched out his leg in the crowd to poke the ball into the net,scoring the first goal for the team.

At the 26th minute, Zheng Zhi, the defending midfielder in the game, captured the ball in the midfield and passed it low to Bee-chey in the front, who relayed the ball without stopping it to Gao Lin just before the box. Gao Lin got the ball, broke loose from an opponent’s back with a neat turnaround and volleyed the ball into the net to make the score 2:0.

At the 83rd minute, Sun Xiang’s free kick sent the ball into the box, where Zheng Zhi headed the ball to the goal. The final score was 3:1.


So far, Evergrande won its 4th victory after the lull following the victories over Nanjing Youyou, Hunan Xiangtao and Beijing BIT. This is also the first 4th straight win of the team in the season.

At the press conference after the game, Coach Li said that his team would not rest content with the four consecutive wins. He hoped the team could continue to win. This game was also one that attracted the largest number of fans in the season and the coach especially thanked their support.

In the game, the players of Guangzhou Evergrande Team put up a brilliant teamwork. Sun Xiang assisted very frequently on the left and worked with his teammates to form several highly threatening crosses from the byline. The media commented that the good job done by Sun Xiang and Li Jianhua on both sides had finally equipped Evergrande with “two wings”.

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