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Guangzhou Evergrande Team Tied with Shanghai Dongya Team at 1:1 and Topped the Scoreboard with Total Points

 Date:2010.09.04   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On September 4, the 20th match of China Serie A was held in Foshan Century Lotus Stadium with Guangzhou Evergrande Team against Shanghai Dongya Team. After Shanghai Dongya Team scored the first goal in the match, Guangzhou Evergrande Team evened up the match by a goal scored by Li Jianhua. This match enabled Guangzhou Evergrande Team to top the scoreboard with 39 points, which was one point and seven points ahead the teams in the second and third places respectively.

Guangzhou Evergrande Team gained the initiative on the field during the whole match by setting up their attacks from the right proactively to create multiple scoring chances. Finally in the first-half stoppage time, Li Jianhua made a sharp angle shoot on the end line, and the ball flew over the heads of the opposing players and into the net through the top corner of the goal.


It is reported that in the last away match, Guangzhou Evergrande Team beat Shanghai Dongya Team at 3:1. This is another match between the two teams, which are now in the first and the third places on the scoreboard respectively. The match managed to draw intensive attention. Guangdong TV and Shanghai TV broadcast the match live and crows of Guangzhou fans came to cheer and support the home team.

Coach Lee Jang-soo commented that all players on the field went all out to create many scoring chances and finally managed to score the decisive goal in this home match. At the same time, Coach Lee  highly recognized Li Jianhua’s performance on the field, and said that “Li Jianhua is the most professional player in the team and a role model for young players on the football field and in life as well”.

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