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Evergrande GAC Team Defeated Yanbian Team at 2:1 and Moved a Step Near CSL

 Date:2010.09.19   Publisher:Evergrande Group

September 18 witnessed the 22nd match of China Seria A in Foshan Century Lotus Stadium with Evergrande GAC Team against Yanbian Team at home. Hu Zhaojun and Sun Xiang scored a goal for Evergrande GAC Team in the first half and second half of the match respectively. The match ended with Evergrande GAC's triumph over Yanbian at 2:1, which brought Evergrande GAC a step forward to its goal in China Football Association Super League (CSL).


At the 36th minute, Hu Zhaojun scored the first goal for Evergrande GAC with a left-foot low shot assisted by Sun Xiang’s cross and Muriqui's flick-on header. Evergrande GAC took the lead at 1:0.

At the 57th minute, Evergrande GAC won a free-kick opportunity, where Sun Xiang scored another goal with a snap shot brought the score to 2:1.

After this match, Evergrande GAC still tops the scoreboard with 45 points. Excellent team performance and unbeaten record in 16 matches brought Evergrande GAC only one step away from CSL. Coach Lee Jangsoo said after the match that it was a tough game for all players with their energy consumed rapidly in such hot weather, and that winning the game encouraged Evergrande GAC to go all-out in the matches to come.

It is informed that before the match, Evergrande Football Club held an award ceremony to honor seven football players, namely Li Shuai, Li Zhihai, Li Yan, Feng Junyan, Lu Lin, Huang Zhiyi and Dai Xianrong, for their outstanding performance in one hundred matches on the green field for Guangzhou football team. Liu Yongzhuo, President of the Club, said that “behind these one hundred exciting games there were nine thousand minutes of fighting and four years of hard training. These seven honorable players have devoted themselves to the tomorrow of the football industry in Guangzhou. Their persistence is something that shall be valued by and passed on to future football players in Guangzhou”.

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