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Winning Derby Match, Guangzhou Evergrande Team Gained Promotion to CSL Three Rounds Ahead

 Date:2010.09.26   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On September 25, China Serie A ushered Guangdong Derby Match in round 23. After 90-minute pitched battle, thanks to Muriqui's two scores and Zheng Zhi’s one score, Guangzhou Evergrande Team won again at 3:2 in this Derby Match. With the drawn game between Hubei Lvyin Team and Shanghai Zhongbang Team, Guangzhou Evergrande Team successfully gained the promotion to China Super League (CSL) three rounds ahead on Sept. 25.

Wonderful Derby Match, Guangzhou Evergrande Team Won Again

In the first half, Guangzhou Evergrande team firmly held the initiative in the field, and won a number of excellent scoring opportunities. Only 9 minutes after the beginning, Gao Lin passed the ball straightly to Muriqui, who did a low shot in the penalty area to break the goal. Evergrande Team scored first.

In the second half, the war continued in the changed field. Rizhiquan Team won two goals after making tactical adjustments, once taking a 2:1 lead. Afterwards, Evergrande team players quickly regained two points with excellent individual skills. At the 77th minute, Zheng Zhi pieced through the middle and volleyed the ball into the net to tie the game as 2:2; At the 84th minute, Muriqui's free kick in the first field sent the ball into the goal through the far corner. Evergrande Team successfully made the score 3:2.


On the post-match press conference, Coach Li said, “In the case of the score 1 to 2, we finally came from behind to win. For the players, it is a very good experience.” Meanwhile, Coach Li said, “Both matches won one score, but this match is of higher quality than the last match.”

Successfully Gaining the promotion to CSL, Guangzhou Football Returns to Its Peak

It is learned that Liu Jiangnan, the Director of Guangzhou Sports Bureau, and Professor Hui Ka Yan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Real Estate Group, congratulated the team in the first time.

Director Liu Jiangnan said, “Guangzhou football can return to the CSL, which is the result of multiple efforts. In particular, I would like to thank the great supports from Evergrande Group and Guangzhou Automobile Group and other enterprises. This year we return to the CSL, which is just the first step towards a higher goal, and Guangzhou professional football will definitely meet the status of Guangzhou as a national central city.”

The Club expressed its thanks to the enthusiastic care of the community and the concern and help of the media, and especially thanks to the strong support of the majority of the fans after Evergrande Group entered and hosted the Club and after the team successfully gained the promotion to the CSL. Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club has achieved the staggered victory, making Guangzhou Football that was at a low ebb born of fire. But it is only the beginning for Evergrande Group to promote Guangzhou Football and Chinese Football professionalized. In the following games, the Club will continue to fight for the champion of China Serie A in this season.

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