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Evergrande GAC Team defeated the team of Hubei Oriental International Travel Agency in the first battle in Yuexiu Hill Stadium at 2:1

 Date:2010.10.18   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On Oct. 16, in the 24th round of Chinese Serie A League matches, Guangzhou Evergrande GAC team played with the team of Hubei Oriental International Travel Agency in Yuexiu Hill Stadium, the host field. In the cheering voices of about ten thousand football fans, Guangzhou Team finally defeated Hubei Team at 2:1 and got 3 scores, stepping steadily forward towards the target of winning the championship.

Evergrande GAC Team accumulatively got 51 scores and continued taking the lead in the league matches

At the 18th minute of the first half, Evergrande GAC Team mounted the attack and got a chance for penalty. Soon afterwards, Gao Lin took the kick and successful scored, helping Evergrande GAC Team take the lead at 1:0. Five minutes later, Hubei Team successfully struck back, and equalized the score. Soon after the beginning of the second half, Evergrande GAC mounted the attack again and quickly succeeded. At the 48th minute, Muriqui caught the pass from his teammate in front of the goal of the opposite team and push shot the football. Evergrande GAC Teamwon the game at 2:1.

After this match, Evergrande GAC Team has kept the splendid success of being undefeated for 19 consecutive matches and has accumulated 51 scores taking the lead in the Chinese Serie A League matches. Winning the championship can be expected soon.


Tickets in great demand, about ten thousand football fans forming the blue ocean

It is learnt that the last two matches of Evergrande GAC Team in this competition season will be played in Yuexiu Hill Stadium as the host field as the testing matches for the Asian Games. Guangzhou Team’s return to the host field, the lucky land, after a long period, attracted the attention of numerous Guangzhou football fans. On that day, the 12,000 tickets were all sold out ahead of time. On the spot, Yuexiu Hill Stadium became a blue ocean. In the cheering voices of numerous football fans, Evergrande GAC Team defeated the visiting team, within fans’ expectation.

In the news conference after the match, Coach Lee JangSoo said that this is the first time Guangzhou Team returned to Yuexiu Hill Stadium in this competition season. The arrival of so many football fans made the team very excited. It showed that the power of football fans were great.

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