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Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team Has Set Sail in the 2010-2011 Competition Season

 Date:2010.11.28   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On Nov. 28, 2010, the “Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team Media Meeting for the 2010-2011 Competition Season & First Public Joint Training” was successfully held in Guangzhou Evergrande Hotel. Liu Yongzhuo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Guangdong Evergrande Volleyball Club, and Lang Ping, Chief Coach of Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team, led all members of Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team to attend the media meeting. The brilliant Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team attracted the concern of dozens of media in the country. The reporters who attended the meeting carried out ardent exchange and discussion with the honored guests on questions such as the operation mode of the Club, the Club’s promotion of professionalization process in the volleyball circle of the country, and the target in the new competition season.

As the first really professionalized volleyball club in China, Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team has constantly created the defining moments of China volleyball professional league matches. Lang Ping, an internationally famous coach, was invited to be the coach of the Team. Several players of the national team and foreign players were invited to join the Team so as to build the super “star lineup” in the volleyball circle. In the last competition season, Evergrande Volleyball Club let numerous domestic and foreign fans enjoy a visual feast on the competition terrain with the achievement of complete victories and was successfully promoted to join the China Women’s Volleyball Division-1A League.

The new competition season is coming. Evergrande Volleyball Club said that Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team had fully made preparation in aspects such as team building, introduction of players, and training. In this competition season, Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team hopes to contribute more wonderful games for the national Division-1A League by introducing 3 foreign players, namely, Logan Tom, the main attacker in the national team of the USA, Jovana Brakocevic, the main get-away in the national team of Serbia, and Wilavan, the main attacker in the national team of Thailand. 

In the media meeting, Liu Yongzhuo, Chairman of the Board of directors of Evergrande Volleyball Club, expressed gratitude to the leaders of all circles, media, and fans that have been paying attention to and concerning Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team. In addition, he also expressed gratitude to the players who combated hard for the Team in the League last year. Moreover, he encouraged the players to keep up the good work in the new competition season, bring their strength and style into full play, and make their own contributions for the professionalization of China volleyball in the Division-1A League.

After the news conference was over, Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team carried out the first public joint training. The hard spiking and the tacit cooperation between the players aroused cheers of the media on the spot.

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