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RENATO, a Top Foreign Aid from Brazil, Formally Joined in Evergrande Football Club

 Date:2011.03.09   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On the morning of March 8, Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club officially announced the formal signing of a four-year contract with RENATO (full name: Renato Adriano Jaco Morais), Attacking Midfielder of Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas of Brazil, with the transfer fee of 2.25 million USD. The player will directly go to Guangzhou to join in the football team on March 20. By now, the foreign aid introduction of the Club for the new competition seasons has ended.

RENATO, a Brazilian player, 26 years old, played for Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas of Brazil previously, numbered 10, acting as the Attacking Midfielder. In addition to the agility and speediness peculiar to a Brazilian player, the player also has outstanding technical skills on the field, especially the place-kick skills, hailed as “Conductor on the Field” by the fans. In addition, he is strictly self-disciplinary in the personal life, and has been a training model in the team and a player. With such personal details, we believe RENATO is a top foreign aid we have always been seeking for who is in his prime and in his vocational rising period.

As early as half a year ago when the Club introduced foreign aid for the first time, we have focused on this potential player, and constantly deepened the understanding on the performance of the player through professional scouts. Now we finally select to sign with RENATO, which is in conformity with one of our principles for foreign aid selection, “focusing on strength rather than reputation, and focusing on potential rather than seniority”. We firmly believe that with the participation of RENATO, the solid attack strength of the team can be further enhanced, the playing tactics can be enriched, and the lineup thickness can be increased, so as to bring more splendid games for everybody and help Guangzhou Football achieve good results in the Chinese Super League of new competition seasons!

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