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Evergrande signing Lippi, ushering the most powerful coach in China’s football history

 Date:2012.05.19   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On May 17, Evergrande Football Club held a press conference in Guangzhou Evergrande Hotel, declaring that Lippi-the world-known coach who has commanded his teams in winning championships in Italyn Serie A League, European Champion League and World Cup, signed a two-and-half-year contract with Evergrande and started his commission as Evergrande’s coach from then on. So far, Chinese football has ushered the most powerful coach in the history.Attendees of the conference are: Xu Jiayin-the president of Evergrande Group, Kong Maosheng-vice director of Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, Liu Yongzhuo-president of Evergrande Football Club, Marcello Lippi who has just arrived in China from Italy, as well as over 200 reporters from around the world.

President of Evergrande Group-Xu Jiayin(left) issuing letter of appointment to Lippi(right) as coach of Evergrande football team

After the conference, Lippi began his first lesson as coach in the usual rain of this season in Guangzhou. It was noteworthy that Lippi himself delivered the jersey to each player in order to get familiar with them as soon as possible.

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