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Special program-“My show at Festival Gala” began broadcasting in November

 Date:2012.09.20   Publisher:Evergrande Music Company

The Evergrande Music escorts

Gathering of singers and players, performance stage provided by CCTV's "My show on Festive Gala", full escort by Evergrande music, the one-step certificate for Festival Gala of the Year of Snake... These attractive resources will gather in the "Singers Battle" formally launched in November this year. This program will form a "strongest, best-known and eye-catching" challenge team of draft stars, highlighting their secondary growth in the form of a "concentration camp", and detonating their secondary exposure through competition of "Battle Royale". In addition to a strong lineup of players, the "Singers Battle" will also have three "MOSTs" on review and advocacy lineup: the most extensive voting lineup - covering a full range of traditional and online media voting channels; the most widely-covered review team - consisting of core staff of the Festival Gala of the Year of Snake, record company executives, leadership of flat paper media, radio and portal websites, and producers of gold medal television programs; the most influential review lineup - inviting superstars from Chinese music and even international music.

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