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Guangzhou Evergrande becomes the first team defending Super League with 1:0 against Liaoning Hongyun

 Date:2012.10.28   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Gao Lin winning shot with world wave

Beijing time: At 15:30 of October 27, eight games of the 28th round of 2012 Super League kicked off at the same time. Guangzhou Evergrande challenged Liaoning Hongyun at its home arena- Tianhe Sports Center. Finally Guangzhou Evergrande beat Liaoning Hongyun at 1-0, winning the champion of Super League this season ahead of the final round, and becoming the first team defending Super League champion!

Guangzhou Evergrande starters: 22 – Li Shuai; 2 - Sun Xiang, 6 – Feng Xiaoting, 28 – Jin Yingquan, 14 - Li Jianhua (at the 26th minutes, substituted by 7- Feng Junyan); 10 – Zheng Zhi, 42 - Huang Bowen (at the 72th minute, substituted by Rong Hao); 29 - Gao Lin, 10 – Zheng Zhi, 21 - Jiang Ning (at the 26th minute, substituted by 5 - Pallan); 9 - Cleo

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