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Evergrande Held a Thrifty Opening Ceremony of CSL, and Won Shanghai Shenxin with 5:1 in the First Match

 Date:2013.03.10   Publisher:Evergrande Group

In the evening of March 8, the Season 2013 of Chinese Football Association Super League (hereinafter referred to as CSL) was grandly held in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, and it was the second time for Evergrande to organize the opening ceremony for CSL during the recent three seasons. With the theme of “Developing Chinese Football and Cultivating Football Stars”, this opening ceremony was really attractive because of the young students of Evergrande-Real Madrid Football School. In addition, in the first round of CSL held subsequently with Evergrande and Shanghai Shenxin, Evergrande won Shenxin with 5:1, and got the first success in such new season of CSL.

Evergrande held a thrifty opening ceremony for responding to the call of Central Government

As the organizer of opening ceremony for the new season of CSL, Evergrande actively responded to the call of “frugality” raised by Central Government, and prepared and completed a simple but meaningful ceremony together with employees of its cultural industry group and kids from Evergrande-Real Madrid Football School.

Tiger team and wolf team attracted attention, and the new season grandly commenced

Before the opening ceremony commenced, students from Evergrande-Real Madrid Football School, who were divided into Tiger Team and Wolf Team, held a 40-minute match for warm-up, which expressed the School’s vision of “Focusing on the present and looking to the future”. According to the introduction by Liu Jiangnan, President of Evergrande-Real Madrid Football School, Tiger Team and Wolf Team are named by HuiKaYan, Board Chairman of Evergrande, in person, which mean that he hopes the Chinese football players can show their strength on the court.

Evergrande won the first round with 5:1 and is on the way to the 3rd successive championship

After a short opening ceremony, the first round of Season 2013 of CSL immediately commenced, and Evergrande, on its home court, met head-on Shanghai Shenxin, which was the first match for Evergrande to achieve its goal of gaining three successive championship of CSL.

After learning lesson from the match in Super Cup in which Evergrande was defeated, Evergrande did not underestimate the opponent again but made full efforts into this match, and four players including Conca, Elkeson, Gao Lin, and Muriqui scored 5 goals totally, especially Elkeson, the forward from Brazil who newly joined in Evergrande, scored 2 goals. Finally, Evergrande won the first round of Season 2013 of CSL with 5:1, and ranks the first among teams of CSL with four goal difference. In addition, Evergrande also starts competing in AFC Champions League on guest courts after this wonderful match.  

CSL Opening Ceremony
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