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Lanping cooperates with Evergrand Life Insurance for creating new benchmarking insurance in golden era

 Date:2016.09.27   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On Sep 27th, Evergrand Life Insurance announced that, it signed the contract with Lanping-chief coach of China women volleyball team, appointing her as its first image representative. This cooperation with Lanping opened a new milestone for establishing brand of Evergrand Life Insurance.

Signing Ceremony

Lanping purchases high insurance

At the signing ceremony, Peng Jianjun, president of Evergrand Life Insurance, as the representative of company gave the contract of high insurance to Lanping, expressing congratulations for being as their first star client

It is known that the insurance product Lanping purchased is a portfolio insurance project customized by Evergrand Life Insurance. This insurance product includes forever healthy lifetime major disease insurance (forever healthy), Evergrand Life Insurance Shuntai accidental injury insurance (Shuntai accidental), among this, forever healthy contains 80 types of major diseases, 35 kinds of slight symptom and full guarantee of 115 diseases. This product is characterized with high guarantee and cheap insurance fee, an affordable major disease product with full guarantee, cheap price and high compensation. In addition to wider coverage of diseases, it provides free security payment at the end of disease period, which embodies humanistic care in all aspects. Whereas Shuntai accidental injury insurance is a product that guarantees accidental injury except individual disease for, with characteristics of cheap insurance fee, full guarantee and self-automatic renewal of insurance.

When discussing the consensus of cooperation, president Peng said Lanping had led China’s volleyball team in Rio Olympic and took the crown. It showed her professional, health and friendly image, which accorded with the concept of profession, honesty and guarantee advocated by Evergrand Life Insurance. Lanping said, the essence of insurance was guarantee, and Evergrande Life Insurance took honesty and responsibility as fundamental principle, superior service as core element, providing guarantee for happiness life for clients. Therefore, it is worth to relying on. Besides, she gave high recognition on concept of “keeping honest with great guarantee“ Moreover, the two parties hoped to make deep cooperation for establishing more unobstructed communication bridge between Evergrande Life Insurance and customer and improving brand image and credibility, enabling customers to understand Evergrande Life Insurance and special developing characteristics in modern insurance industry and promoting more development of insurance industry.

Professional team facilitates steady development

Since the foundation of Evergrande Life Insurance, it has ranked up by 26 in less than one year, creating historically high record in various indicators. First-class team is a powerful guarantee for the steady development of Evergrande Life Insurance. Through internal cultivation, external recruitment and introduction from the group, it has established a professional team with competitiveness. Besides, it has made strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University, which lays foundation for storing professional talents. Currently, almost 95% employees in the enterprise have bachelor degree or above. With establishment of risk preference system, Evergrande Life Insurance has completed preliminary fully risk management top-level design; the establishment of risk control standard line management system contributes to more effective risk control work. Meanwhile, it takes improvement of client experience as a goal, puts forward innovative concept of “ complete sincerity, supreme refinement, highest good and newest“, fully opens 7*24 hours hotline of national personal service that are accepted widely in the industry, all these contribute to entry into first-class financing service industry successfully.

Since the foundation of Evergrande Life Insurance, the group insurance scale has increased significantly. At the same time, it has signed with 36 professional intermediate institutions. Besides, it has undertaken many businesses of group employee insurance from large clients, such as the Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, Three Gorges Bank, Chongqing Land Group, etc. It realized to provide various flexible welfare products ranging from group insurance for an enterprise to employee’s family insurance.

Evergrande Life Insurance has attracted a cluster of industrial elites in the shortest time and established its signature competitive standard marketing management system. In a very short span it provides a series of hit products for ensuring people’s livelihood, such as Permanent Health and Wealthy Life. Meanwhile, a marketing team with almost ten thousand people is established. Consequently, insurance premium in this year is two times than that of last year.

Utilizing innovation development for forging refinement model

After Lan Ping was appointed as its image ambassador, it is known that Evergrande Life Insurance will take use of her sound image in her profession, health, affinity and philanthropy to focus on the development of healthy endowment insurance and community insurance and vigorously creating developing model of “great health and grand medical treatment”. It will begin from medical treatment institution, then gradually expanding to other upstream and downstream of healthcare service industrial chain, finally forming the industrial clusters centered with life insurance. At present, Evergrand Group has possessed 500 large property projects in over 180 major cities and more than 4 billion owners, which provides a broad market for development of Evergrand Group community insurance.

In the upcoming 3 to 5 years, Evergrand Life Insurance will fully play its resource advantage and establish cooperation with medical institutions, building healthcare medical service platform in major cities, providing clients with matching service including disease insurance, medical insurance and care insurance. Meanwhile, it will provide more pragmatic additional value service for the insured through personal and tangible health service. Besides, in order to enhance the corporation’s core competitiveness, Evergrand Life Insurance has been effectively strengthening the relationship between company and its various clients. It has currently established strategic cooperation with Beijing Universal Medical and Harvard University, which lays a strong foundation for the development of “great health and grand medical treatment”.

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