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Evergrande’s Sale volume totaled RMB 48.3 billion during August, which has been the highest ever record of monthly sales among property enterprises across the Mainland China.

 Date:2016.09.05   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On Sep 5, China’s Evergrande (HK.3333) announced that it had realized the contract sales volume of RMB 48.27 billion in August, with year-on-year increase of 196% and month-on-month growth of 12.2%. A brandnew record of monthly sales was created in this industry, which outweighed the sum of the annual sales volume of part of the large property enterprises in China during the last fiscal year.

By August, Evergrande had accumulated the sales volume of RMB 233.06 billion, the annual increment of which amounted to 98.3% than the last fiscal year and this sales volume has increased by 16% compared to that of the full span of last year, with 77.7% completion of the up-regulated sales revenue, which amounts to RMB 300 billion on an annual basis. Among others, from January to August, the company sold out accumulatively 29.419 million square meters with year-on-year increase of 91.4%, keeping the rank of No.1 amongst its counterparts in the Mainland China.

“In this year, Evergrande keeps creating ever-higher record of monthly sales, especially in July and August when the sales of both months have topped RMB 40 billion. It obviously demonstrated a powerful trend in sales. For Evergrande, such a monthly sales record is simply a regular state.” Industry insiders pointed out that July and August were traditionally slack seasons in property sales. However, Evergrande still created high record repeatedly, which demonstrated that the company boasts highly cost-effective products that satisfies even the most rigid demands from its clients and its products were widely accepted by the market.

Relevant data indicates that Evergrande continued to sell well in August. Just between Aug 27 and 28, Evergrande unfolded 7 units simultaneously, with the sales revenue of RMB 7.03 billion in its first day of opening. When the property market enters the traditional peak seasons, metaphorically as the “golden September and Silver October”, Evergrande has again triggered a heated selling campaign. Between Sep 3 and 4(the first weekend of September), Evergrande unfolded 7 projects across the nation again, calculated with a sales of RMB 6.7 billion, and created several records in the property market. Insiders predicted that Evergrande was expected to continue to refresh its sales record in September and overfill the up-regulated sales target of RMB 300 billion .

In other words, Evergrande sales in this year were expected to increase by 50% than that of the last year. From 2009 (when the company was enlisted on the IPO) to 2015, the performance of Evergrande had proved its high-speed growth in many consecutive years, with the sales increase from RMB 30.3 billion to RMB 201.34 billion and the annual compound growth of considerably 37%, but more excellent performance is made during this year. According to the analysis, with fast growth of sales performance, the dominant status of Evergrande in property industry will be further consolidated.

As seen in the data of dominant property enterprises, Evergrande has ranked No.1 in several core businesses, which has literally thrown the Vanke Group far away from the racing line. With a totaled capital of RMB 999.92 billion, it has become the first real estate enterprise with trillion capital level with its turnover of RMB 87.5 billion in the first half of this year. The total capital of Evergrande in this term has topped over Vanke by RMB 287.6 billion and the sales revenue has been RMB 12.7 billion higher than Vanke in the same span of the first of this year. The cash balance of Evergrande is RMB 212 billion, which triples that of the Vanke Group.

Moreover, while the performance of Evergrande kept increasing, Vanke was somehow declining, with only the sales volume of RMB 20.01 billion in August. Since January to Aug this year, only RMB 4.5 billion of accumulated sales variation in Evergrande was realized compared to Vanke. Therefore, insiders predicted that in September the accumulated sales of Evergrande would surpass that of Vanke.

“With the aggravation of industrial differentiation and intensity” the above insider stressed, “Large enterprise like Evergrande will acquire larger space of development, with continuous growth in the future and achievement for the more obvious leader position in the property industry nationwide.

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