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Evergrande raised its annual sales target by 50% to 300 billion

 Date:2016.08.09   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On August 9th, Evergrande (HK.3333) released anannouncement which increased its 2016 sales target to 300 billion, up by 50% comparedwith the original target of 200 billion, and a great raise of 49% in contraryto the actual sales of 201.34 billion in 2015.

It’s indicated in the related data that Evergrandesold 184.79 billion in the previous 7 months this year, an increase of 82.6% onyear-on-year basis, which means 92.4% of the year-start goal 200 billion hasbeen fulfilled and the Group will definitely again exceed the planned sales aheadof time.

For the sales target of 300 billion after theincrease, it’s analyzed that Evergrande meets its goals in consecutive yearsand the new target will surely be achieved as well, which means a 49% annualgrowth and that a real estate enterprise that sell more than 300 billionannually will emerge in China.

In fact, under the conditions of the great downturnpressure on the economy and the intensified market differentiation in recentyears, Evergrande’s performance has maintained a high growth. Among which, thesales’ average annual growth has been kept 30% above since the Group was listedin the market, that is 30.3 billion in 2009, 50.4 billion in 2010, 80.4 billionin 2011, 92.3 billion in 2012, 100.4 billion in 2013, 131.5 billion in 2014,201.3 billion in 2015 and 184.79 billion in the previous 7 months this year,which means it will absolutely reach a new record.

Meanwhile, the core indicators also maintain therapid growth and the total assets have increased from 63.1 billion to 757billion, net profit from 1.12 billion to 17.34 billion. It is noteworthy thatEvergrande’s turnover increased from 5.7 billion to 133.13 billion and theGroup is ranked among Global 500 at one stroke. Insiders noted that with thecontiunous market consolidation, Evergrande’s performance still manages tosustain its rise and its target is greatly increased, which reflects theGroup’s solid foundation. With the products of excellent quality, Evergrandehas established its competitive advantage relying on its formidable costcontrol, accurate product orientation and the capabilities of large-scale andrapid development.

As the only enterprise that hands over theresidential buildings with refined decoration and accepts the sales return fromthe buyers out of no reason, Evergrande takes the lead in making quality productsin the industry, and its standardized management keeps the costs under strictcontrol in order to ensure that the products are all of high quality andcost-effective, where lies the Group’s confidence in fulfilling the goal of 300billion and will surely consolidate its first place in the industry." Theanalyst above also said.

With 175.55 billion, Evergrande is ranked first inthe Equity Sales Charts for January to July, 2016, which has remodelled theindustry structure, according to the market research report recently releasedby CRIC.

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