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Evergrand hit the record of 43 billion RMB sales in July and reaped a total of 184.8 billion RMB in the previous 7 months

 Date:2016.08.03   Publisher:Evergrand hit the record of 43 billion RMB sales in July and reaped a total of 184.8 billion RMB in the previous 7 months

It’s indicated in the sales briefing released byEvergrande (HK.3333) on August 3th that the Group had achieved the sales of43.01 billion (RMB, the same hereinafter) in July, an yearly increase of 205%and a great increase of 37.2% by link relative ratio, which refreshed the company’smonthly sales record in one fell swoop and made a record of the monthly salesamong the real estate enterprises.

Statistics show that Evergrande’s sales in onesingle month have exceeded 20 billion over and over since this year, whichprominently represented the momentum of increased sales. The sales of 184.8billion have been achieved for the previous 7 month, an increase of 82.6% onyear-on-year basis, which was just one step away from the goal of 200 billion.

Besides, Evergrande sold a total area of 6.255million square meters in July, a new record of its monthly sales, whichincreased by 248.3% yearly and 49.2% by link relative ratio. A total area of228.6 million square meters has been sold since this year, an increase of 73.5%on year-on-year basis.

The sales record in July was closely related to itsnew projects that had been hot in the market. It’s learned that Evergrande’ssales volume hit 8 billion at its opening quotation by virtue of Shanghai Sea Venice,Beijing Binhe Town Left Bank, Lanzhou Jade Huating, Xuchang Jade Huating,Changchun Jingyue Mansion and other projects, only on the weekends last week.

Evergrande’s projects in different cities this yearare mirrored by such momentum of sales at the opening. It’s shown in the monitor-controldata in the market that Harbin Evergrande Shenghe Century, Xi'an Evergrande JadeHuating, Hengshui Evergrande Oasis, Wuhan Evergrande Evergreen Garden, Tianjin EvergrandeRoyal Garden and other nationwide projects, opened in the first half of theyear, were sold out as they were unveiled on market, which all made the localsales records in a row.

“Evergrande’s continued hot sales and the over 43billion sales in a single month which was newly recorded in the industryreflected the trend of the powerhouse beoming stronger and stronger on market”,as the analyst stated. “It easy to find that, as the industry's first camp, Vankeand Evergrande have furthered their steps from other real estate enterprises."

The turnover of the commercial housing in the 54major cities was decreased by 8.77% in July by link relative ratio, the lowestin 5 months, according to the latest market report. "Evergrande set thesales record in a single month against the market demand mainly because itsproducts are in line with rigid demand, cost-effective and welcomed by themarket. Meanwhile, Evergrande is the only enterprise that hands over itsresidential buildings in refined decoration and accepts sales return out of noreason and it is expected to continue its sales momentum by virtue of its highturnover mode and sufficient commodities as the next sales season is in the airand exceed its sales volume in the whole year by 300 billion." The analystalso said.

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