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Evergrande is ranked among the 2016 Fortune Global 500

 Date:2016.07.20   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On July 20th, the "Fortune" magazinereleased its list of 2016 Global 500, where Evergrande (HK.3333), with its operatingrevenue of 21.184 billion US dollars, was ranked and became the onlyprivately-owned real estate enterprise that rose onto the list of Global 500 injust 20 years.

The youngest privatereal estate enterprise among Global 500

Annually released by the American magazine“Fortune”, the list of Global 500 acts as the most well-known and authoritativeone that measures the overall capacities of the worldwide large companies and alsoindicates the strength, scale and international competitiveness of anenterprise, thus has an extraordinary influence.

The list above is mainly based on the operatingincome, where Sinopec, PetroChina, State Grid Corporation of China and otherlarge-scale state-owned enterprises continue to be ranked at the forefront, andEvergrande is one of the few privately-owned enterprises in China that has beennamed.

The privately-owned enterprise has been animportant force in the sustainable and healthy development of China's economy, andthe ranking of Evergrande this time shows that China's privately-ownedenterprises have taken up an increasingly essential position in the developmentof the world's economy, as the analyst indicated.

On the same day, Evergrande released anannouncement for officially renaming itself “China Evergrande Group” and theChinese shares are referred to as “China Evergrande” instead of"Evergrande Real Estate". The analyst above also said that while the realestate sales maintain rapid growth, the renaming means Evergrande’s diversifiedindustries will continue to expand and the Group is expected to rise in asteady manner among the list of Global 500.

It’s shown in the data that Evergrande’s keyindicators have maintained the momentum of developing increasingly in recentyears and the Group reaped an operating revenue of 133.13 billion RMB in 2015,20 times more than 5.72 billion RMB in 2009, with the average annual growthrate at around 30%, which was far higher than the average rate in the industry.The operating indicators such as total assets, sales volume and net profits havealso increased substantially, the compound growth rate of the total assetssince the Group was listed on market has reached 52%, and the compound growthrate of the net profits is 57.9%, all of which exceed far more than its counterpartsas well.

The sense ofsocial responsibility of the new Global 500 enterprise

In the pursuit of economic efficiency meanwhile,most Global 500 enterprises will actively fulfill their social responsibility. Upstartedamong Global 500, Evergrande plays a positive role in paying back to societyand has cumulatively donated over 3 billion RMB over the past 20 years.

On December 1st last year, Evergrande started itsone-on-one assistance in Dafang County in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, andplanned to voluntarily invest 3 billion RMB in three years in order to stablylift all the 180 thousand people in Dafang County out of poverty by the end of2018. In contrary to the traditional way of poverty relief, Evergrande hasformulated a package of integrated measures which includes “lift people out ofpoverty by the means of industry, relocation and employment” so that it cansimultaneously carry out the scheme which literally means "BloodProduction" and "Blood Transfusion".

Evergrande’s one-on-one assistance in Dafang Countyis exemplary for the privately-owned enterprises to make up for weaknesses inpromoting the common prosperity, as the public benefit volunteers said. TheGroup contributes not only the funds but also talents, technology, managementand ideas, actively explores the way for the comprehensive policyimplementation and targeted poverty alleviation as well as for the policyimplementation by households and individuals, and simultaneously carry out thestrategy of "Blood Production" and "Blood Transfusion", whichhas taken effect rapidly and produced long-term benefits and formed the newmode for the privately-owned enterprises to directly take part in the targetedpoverty alleviation.

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