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Evergrande Group and four well-known household electrical appliance enterprises establish a strategic cooperation alliance

 Date:2016.06.20   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Evergrande Group and four well-known household electrical appliance enterprises  Haier group, GREE group, the Midea group and TCL group held a signing ceremony in Guangzhou on June 18th to establishe strategic cooperation alliance.  Thus, Evergrande House Furnishing Complete Alliance which covers completely the home appliances, furniture and home has been formed, with which the owner will realize the ready-to-live in.

Signing ceremony scene

It is reported that Evergrande Group had signed the strategic corporation agreement last September with 15 top furniture and home textile enterprises of Quanu Furniture, Sunhoo Furniture, Landbond Furniture, Sleemon Furniture, Redapple Furniture, Renhao Furniture, Kinwai Furniture, QM Furniture, Huari Furniture, Pine Castle Kingdom Furniture, Sofiya Furniture, Dinggu Wardrobe, Sunvim Group, mercury Home Textile and Huafang Home Textile.

It is same as furniture and home textile enterprises, with which the agreement was signed last year, the four household electrical appliance enterprises involved in the strategic contract are also the industry's giants.  For example, Haier Group has retained the first of major home appliance retail volume in the world seven times .

It is known that the owner, after purchase of the property from Evergrande Group, can make order to purchase furniture for the complete house by one click from Hengten Mi Furniture, a internet furniture platform of Hengten Networks subordinated to Evergrande Group. All products are national famous brands directly supplied by production enterprises and the purchasing cost can be significantly reduced. In addition, via the furniture complete alliance of Evergrande Group, the owners can also enjoy the service of personalized customization of furniture provided by the domestic top furniture design teams.This means that property buyers can not only obtain more convenient, more economic purchase services, which saves all kinds of property purchase cost greatly in all aspects, but also can enjoy one-stop service of house purchase from the house purchase, decoration to live in, which saves your time and worry.

Insiders pointed out: "Evergrande is already only real estate enterprise with all houses handed over in  refined decoration and after it has entered the strategic alliance with many famous brand enterprises, the owners will, via the alliance of complete house furnishing, enjoy the best quality, the most preferential, the most efficient of well-known household products to truly realize ready-to-live in . ” According to the analysis, the ready-to-live in realization of Evergrande Group, will inevitably drive a great increase of value-added and cost performance of its houses and further enhance the market competitiveness of the Enterprise.  At the same time, it is also expected to further promote the updating of people’s livelihood real estate strategy of Evergrande Group.

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