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Chairma Hui Visited Henan for Investigation and Reached Strategic Cooperation of Furniture Industry Garden

 Date:2016.05.12   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On May 12th, Hui KaYan, chairman of the board , Xie Fuzhan, secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, and Chen Run-er, vice secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee and Henan’s governor, had communication on the further expanding cooperation and investment at Henan.

Then Evergrande and government of Lankao county had signed ceremony of “Evergrande Furniture Industry Garden”. Li Mingjun, the head of Lankao county, and Yu Weiqiao, president of Material Equipment Company, as representatives, signed the agreement.

A large number of people met and signed the agreement, such as Li Wenhui, member of Henan Standing Committee and  secretary, Duan Xizhong ,vice  director of Provincial People’s Congress ,Zhao Jiancai, vice governor ,Guo Hongchang, secretary of provincial government, major principals from provincial commerce department, Industry and Information Committee, Department of land and resources, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Provincial Government Finance Office, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Lankao county, and Tan Chaohui, executive vice president of Evergrande Group and Health Industry Group, Peng Jianjun, vice president of Finance Group, Jiafei, general manager of Henan company, Yu Weiqiao, president of material and equipment company, and domestic top seven furniture enterprise representatives, etc.

Talks of two parties

Xie Fuzhan, on behalf of Henan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government, welcomed Chairma Hui visiting and thought highly of Evergrande Group. He presented that president Xi is a very influential entrepreneur who came from our Henan province, Evergrande Group was one of well-known vanguard enterprises among domestic real estate enterprises, with its most unique character of fine decoration.  Evergrande soccer is famous in the world, even having a space in Asia.  Evergrande has walked in the front in many aspects, with its development bringing motivation to local economic development. it is expected that Evergrande continue to full play its various advantages to hometown developing. It is also very welcoming investment into Lankao county for poverty alleviation.

Besides, Chairma Hui gave thanks for the support of all-levels.government and introduced current development of Evergrande and investment situation in Henan. He presented, by the end of 2015, Evergrande had large-scale projects over 400 in more than 170 major cities, with total capital of 757.0 billion Yuan and sales volume 201.3 billion Yuan. In 2015, Evergrande offered jobs for over 1.3 million people and paid the tax over 20 billion Yuan. Since the foundation in 2009, Evergrande (Henan) company has developed over 22 projects in ten cities like Zhengzhou,Luoyang, realizing total investment 42.1 billion Yuan, with sales volume 13 billion Yuan, which ranked top three in China. Moreover, Evergrande had confidence in the development of Henan and would continue to expand the investment in Henan.

Afterwards, the two parties attended the strategic signing ceremony of “Evergrande Furniture Alliance Industry Garden”, they reached an agreement on further expanding the furniture industry scope in Lankao county and Zhongyuan, Henan for creating the largest Asian future alliance industry garden.

Signing of two parties

Chairma Hui then investiaged Evergrande international old-age care project in Rongyang,Zhengzhou under the escort of provincial leaders, such as Zhang Leiming, vice secretary of Henan government.

On May 11th, before the day of the two parties meeting for signing, Chairma Hui, with representatives of domestic top seven furniture enterprises, investigated Donghui famous city project in Kaifeng city and the processing of “Evergrande furniture alliance garden” established by the cooperation with Lankao county. Currently, it can be assured that seven initial enterprises has been allowed to enter into furniture alliance garden ,including four listed companies, such as Sophia, Qu mei,Guangdong Top Strong,Sleemon,etc.

The escort person included Zhang Leiming,vice secretary of Henan government, Wangyong, vice president of commerce department, Ji Binwei, secretary of municipal Party committee in Henan provice, Houhong, mayor of Kaifeng city.

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