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Evergrande and China Merchants Steamship Group have Made Strategic Cooperation

 Date:2016.05.05   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On May 5th,Evergrande and China Merchants Steamship Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement at Hongkong, and the two parties establish comprehensively closer strategic cooperation relationship Hui KaYan, chairman of the board, Xia Haijun, vice chairman and Chief Executive Officer(CEO),Li Jianhong, president of China Merchants Steamship Group, Li Xiaopeng, general manager of China Merchants Steamship Group, and senior executives from China Merchant Bank, China Merchants finance, China merchants shekou, China Merchants Securities and other industries related with Evergrande , all attended the signing ceremony  Xia Haijun and Li Xiaopeng, as representatives of both parties, signed the agreement.

Signing of two parties

According to the agreement, two parties will develop comprehensive cooperation in various industries, attaching importance in areas such as real estate, finance, internet,health,culture,tourism,etc.

In real estate industry, two parties will take their own advantages in real estate development, strengthening close cooperation in aspects of housing, complex, green buildings. With the theme of largescale tourism, the two parties will have comprehensive cooperation on developing cruise homeport matched with development of theme park , hotel ,tourist resort and so on.

Moreover, two parties will take their advantages and make closer cooperation in areas like finance, internet, health and cultural tourism and so on.  Such as co-operating design of innovative industrial fund products and innovative internet and finance, which will become their orientation of vigorous expansion?

Talks between Chairman Hui and Chief Executive Officer Li Jianhong

Insiders  said that China Merchant Steamship Company is a large central enterprise consisting of three core industries, transportation, finance, and real estate, and Evergrande have completed investment in diversified industries.Therefore,both parties have prominent supplementary advantages in areas like real estate, finance, internet and so on, and they have very large space for the cooperation.

They also said that in the perspective of attendants of management team level in both parties , it reflects the breadth and depth of this cooperation on the side.Sun Chenming and Wanghong, vice general manager of China Merchant Steamship Group, Wangliang, vice president of China Merchants Bank,Li Yadong, general director of the Group, Ren Huyong,the minister of regional developing department of the Group and director of Qianhai Shekou free trade office, Sumin, general manager of China Merchants Finance , Xu Yongjun, the general manager of China Merchants Shekou, Wangyan, president and CEO of China Merchants Securities , Yangfan, CEO of China Merchants Securities International Company, Xiaoen, executive vice president of Evergrande and president of Evergrande Sea island Group, its vice president-Zhou yingqiu, Xu Jianhua, Wen Zhanhua, Wen Zhanzhong, and Peng Jianjun, vice president of Financial Group, Xuwen, president of Pastoral Group, all attended the signing ceremony.

Information show that China Merchant Steamship Group is a national large-scale enterprise group at Hongkong, one of four large-middlelarge enterprises.  By the end of 2015, China Merchant Steamship Group had total capital 976.7 billion Yuan, with total management capital 6 trillion Yuan  From 2004 to 2015, China Merchant Steamship Group had been entitled as “A-level central enterprise” for eleven straight years.

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