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Executives including the Chair of Board HuiKaYan and President Xia Haijun Met with the Senior Management of Many Financial Institutions and Enterprises

 Date:2016.04.12   Publisher:Evergrande Group

From April 5 to April 9, Evergrande’s executives, including the Chair of Board HuiKaYan and the Vice-Chair of Board & President Xia Haijun met with many senior managers of financial institutions and enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. All the institutions and enterprises highly recognized Evergrande’s strength and business performance and reached agreement on enhancing the cooperation with Evergrande.

It is reported that Chairman Hui and President Xia met with senior management of nine financial institutions and enterprises, including Hong Qi (Chairman of China Minsheng Bank), Zheng Wanchun (President), Ding Xuedong (Chairman of China Investment Corporation), Zhang Gengsheng (Vice President of the China Construction Bank), Chang Zhenming (Chairman of CITIC Group), Wu Yan (Chairman of PICC), Zhang Youjun (Chairman of the CITIC Securities), and Yi Huiman (President of ICBC), Yang Minghui (Chairman of China Asset Management), and Zhao Huan (President of Agricultural Bank of China).

Executives from Evergrande and China Minsheng Bank Taking Photos Together

All institutions and enterprises spoke highly of Evergrande’s stable yet swift development over the years. They promised to continuously deepen and strengthen the all-round cooperation with Evergrande to achieve a win-win outcome. According to Chang Zhenming, Chairman of the CITIC Group, there are vast possibilities to cooperate with Evergrande. CITIC will provide integrated financial services for Evergrande with its diversified platform. Yi Huiman, President of ICBC said they will further expand the cooperation with Evergrande and stabilize the existing partnership, so as to bring the collaboration to a higher level.

On April 7 and April 8, Chairman Hui, President Xia, and other executives of Evergrande met with five financial institutions and enterprises, including Yang Dehong (Chairman of Guotai Junan Securities), Zhu Xuehua (Chairman of Hua An Funds), Niu Ximing (Chairman of Bank of Communications), Jin Yu (Chairman of Bank of Shanghai), Ji Xiaohui (Chairman of SPD Bank), and Liu Xinyi (President of SPD Bank).

HuiKaYan, Chair of Board, Giving a Speech in the Meeting

On April 8, Bank of Shanghai and SPD Bank respectively signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Evergrande. According to the agreements, Bank of Shanghai will grant credit of 20 billion RMB to Evergrande and will carry out comprehensive cooperation with Evergrande in multiple industry sectors, such as real estate, finance, healthcare, Internet community services, agriculture and farming, and sports. SPD Bank plan to grant Evergrande credit of 35 billion RMB and will enforce cooperation with Evergrande in the financial service domain. Xia Haijun signed the agreement on half of Evergrande.

Evergrande Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with SPD Bank

On April 9, Chairman Hui and President Xia met with Li Jianhong (Chairman of China Merchants Group), Li Xiaopeng (General Manager of China Merchants Group), Hong Xiaoyuan (Chairman of Merchants Finance), Zhang Guanghua (Chairman of Bosera Fund), Wang Yan (President of China Merchants Securities), Tang Zhihong (Vice President of China Merchants Bank), and Jinxu (General Manager of China Merchants Fund). Li Jianhong shows that there is a high degree of complementarity between China Merchants and Evergrande, and it will be a bright prospect for both of them to cooperate in real estate, finance etc..

Chairman Hui and President Xia Taking Photos with Chairman Li Jianhong and General Manager Li Xiaopeng of China Merchants Group

During the meeting, Chairman Hui expressed gratitude for the financial institutions’ and enterprises’ great support for Evergrande over the past years. He said that Evergrande is continuously consolidating its main business, real state, and has invested in various industry sectors, such as finance, Internet, healthcare, culture, and travel. Evergrande is becoming bigger and stronger. Broadening the cooperation with the financial institutions and enterprises will help us to make the best out of our advantages and achieve a win-win outcome.

Vice Presidents of Evergrande, including Xu Jianhua, Pan Darong, Wei Keliang, Li Zhi, Cui Ao, Li Gui, and Wen Zhanzhong, CFO Xie Huihua, Vice President of Evergrande Finance Group participated in the meetings in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

According to statistics, all institutions and enterprises that Evergrande’s executives met with are the top players in the financial industry and are equipped with tremendous capabilities, including central financial institutions and enterprises like ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, PICC, CITIC Group, China Investment Corporation, and China Merchants; large commercial banks, such as China Minsheng Bank, Bank of Shanghai, and SPD Bank; as well as leading securities and fund companies, such as CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, China Asset Management, and Hua An Funds.

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