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Evergrande President HuiKaYan Meets Bank Top Executives Like Zhao Huan, President of ABC; Consensus of Deepening Cooperation Have Been Reached

 Date:2016.04.12   Publisher:Evergrande Group

The steady and rapid development of Evergrande is recognized by various leading financial agencies including Agricultural Bank of China. HuiKaYan, the chairman of Evergrande Group board of directors, and Xia Haijun, the vice chairman and president of board of directors, meet top team of various financial agencies on April 5 and 9. The brand strength of Evergrande and brilliant performance are appraised by the attending agencies unanimously.

On April 7, HuiKaYan, the chairman of Evergrande Group board of directors, and Xia Haijun, the vice chairman and president of board of directors, meet the top executive team of Agricultural Bank of China led by Zhao Huan, president and Cai Huaxiang, the vice president. The two parties reached extensive consensus on the intensifying further cooperation.

Meeting site between Evergrande Group and ABC

Other top executives of Agricultural Bank of China including Yi Yingsen, marketing director, Hua Ruoming, general manager of Finance Market Department, Zhang Lilin, general manager of Assets Management Department, Wang Yigang, vice general manager of Enterprise & Operation Business Department, Liang Jinghua, the vice president in Guangdong Branch and the top executive of Evergrande including president presidents  Xu Jianhua, Pan Darong, and Wei Keliang, financial president Peng Jianjun, the vice group of Evergrande also attended the meeting.

During the meeting process, Zhao Huan speaks highly of the achievements of steady and rapid development of Evergrande Group these years. He expressed that, Evergrande Group always keeps leading position in real estate industry these years. It is also expands quickly in diversified industries including finance, Internet and health. It has important industrial benchmarking significance. ABC will give full play its own advantages in many aspects and continue to intensify the omnibearing cooperation with Evergrande, expand the cooperating field and support the continual expansion of Evergrande.

Chairman HuiKaYan expressed his appreciation to Evergrande for its strong support for ABC these years. He said that Evergrande is keeping consolidating the real estate property, promoting the diversified layout of finance, Internet, health and cultural tourism and keeping expanding. In the future, the two parties will continue to deepen cooperation. It is beneficial to further give full play its advantages and realize mutual benefit and win-win result. President Xia Haijun expressed that, last year Evergrande and ABC established omnibearing and thorough strategic cooperation relationship. From then on, the cooperation and exchange between two parties continue to be deepened. ABC, with its features of serving the rural area, framers and agriculture, cooperation between urban area and rural area, integrating into the international stage and playing roles in diversified elements, cooperates with Evergrande in terms of diversification strategic positioning. The two parties hold very broad cooperating space.

Chairman HuiKaYan and President Xia Haijun Attends the Meeting

Last year, Evergrande and ABC sign the strategic cooperating agreement to establish strategic cooperating relationship. According to the agreement, ABC provides 20 billion credit extensions used for livelihood living residence development, community finance, new urbanization building and other fields. It also provides omnibearing service in the fields of settlement service, cash management and whole industrial chain finance. The industrial insiders express that, the strategic cooperating relationship establishing with ABC, one of the four key banks in China, demonstrates that the good development momentum of Evergrande and strong comprehensive strength win high recognition. ABC’ features and evident advantages have very strong industrial complementarity to Evergrande, embracing brilliant prospect for cooperation.

It is said that, apart from meeting ABC, Chairman HuiKaYan and president Xia Haijun with other executives also meet the executives of other key financial agencies and enterprises including ICBC, CCB, Bank of Communications, PICC Group, CITIC Group, China Investment Corporation and China Merchants Group, large commercial banks of China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. (CMBC), Bank of Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB), leading securities and fund companies like CITICS (CITIC Securities), Guotai Junan Securities, China Asset Management and Hua An Funds Management. These agencies and enterprises are the leading entities in Chinese finance industry with strong strength.

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