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Evergrande Group Enters Internet Finance Evergrande Financial Service is Officially Launched

 Date:2016.03.18   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On March 17, Evergrande Group held the press conference for that its subsidiary Internet finance platform "Evergrande Financial Service" was officially launched.

Scene of the press conference

The "Evergrande Financial Service" officially launched this time has insurance brokerage, factoring and other relevant financial licenses and business qualifications, covering Internet payment, fund payment, prepaid card and fund sales, etc., including but not limited to financial management, insurance sales, fund sales, the third party payment service and other enterprise asset investments.

The first batch of products launched by Evergrande Group include the 3-month-term "dividend-added series", with an expected annual rate of return of 6.3%-6.5%; the 6-month-term "fixed dividend series", with an expected annual rate of return of 7.3%-7.5%; and the 12-month-term "assured dividend series", with an expected annual rate of return of 7.8%-8%.

In addition to the expected high returns of the products, HDFAX also has many advantages.  For example, the product asset security will be guaranteed by Evergrande Group, the investment fund will be supervised by the bank in the whole course, and the risk control system reaches the international professional standard, etc.

Furthermore, relying on Evergrande Group's powerful strength, brands, resources and other advantages, HDFAX stands at a high starting point from its inception. Currently, Evergrande Group has a total asset of nearly RMB 700 billion. Its sales reached RMB 201.3 billion in 2015. It has more than 400 projects in over 170 major cities across China; its fast-moving consumer goods industry has set up 747 sales branches and over 1.3 million sales outlets; meanwhile, Evergrande Group has over 80,000 employees and 5 million property owners, 700,000 -- 800,000 property owners are added every year, and the customers who visit the properties for sale exceed 10 million; and every year more than 1 million regular members are added in its fast-moving consumer goods industry. The fans for Evergrande Football reach hundreds of millions.

Scene of the press conference

Scene of the press conference

Internet finance has huge market space and potential. Related research reports show that the market size of Internet finance industry will reach RMB 17.8 trillion this year. The average annual compound growth rate of the industry in the next five years will be about 24.67%. The market size of the industry will reach RMB 43 trillion by 2020.

Industry analysis indicates that, as a large leading enterprise, Evergrande Group will make efforts on Internet finance, overturn the industry pattern, play a leading role and promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

Before then, on the evening of March 16, "HDFAX"  appeared on the playing area of AFC Champions League. The players of Evergrande wore the “HDFAX” shirts, which became the focus in the match that day.

"HDFAX" appeared on the playing area of AFC Champions League

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