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Evergrande's First Assistance Projects in Dafang County Started

 Date:2016.03.01   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Under the leadership of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the groundbreaking ceremony of Evergrande Group’s first one-to-one assistance engineering projects in Dafang County was held on February 27 in Dafang County, Bijie Municipality, and 40 priority projects and 200 projects of agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization bases were also officially started.

The following leaderships attended the ceremony: Ma Biao, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee; Zhou Bohua, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and Director of National Committee of the CPPCC Economic Committee; Li Chengyu, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and Deputy Director of the Commission of Population, Resources and Environment; Hui Ka Yan, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and Evergrande Group’s Board Chairman; Xia Haijun, President of Evergrande Group; Chen Min’er, Secretary of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, and Standing Committee Director of the Provincial People's Congress; Sun Zhigang, Governor of Guizhou Province; Wang Fuyu, Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Committee of CPPCC; Chen Zhigang, Secretary of Bijie Municipal Party Committee; Chen Changxu, mayor of Bijie Municipality and others.

Whole Scene of the Commencement Ceremony

Leaderships of CPPCC National Committee, Guizhou Province, and Evergrande Group Attended the Ceremony

“Evergrande has implemented a comprehensive package of measures to assist Dafang, which embodies the strong sense of social responsibility and mission, and provides a good example for private enterprises to participate in the "shore up the weak spots", and promote "common prosperity". I hope that Evergrande can explore new methods and mechanisms for accurate poverty alleviation, creating experience and model for accurate poverty alleviation." said, Ma Biao, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee.

Ma Biao, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Made an Important Speech.

Hui Ka Yan, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Announced the Commencement.

Sun Zhigang, Deputy Secretary of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Guizhou Province, made a speech.

Xia Haijun, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Evergrande introduced the assistance.

It’s learned that, the investment in the 40 major projects of Evergrande’s first assistance in Dafang County reached a total of 1.2 billion, including 1 resettlement area for relocating immigrants from the county - Shexiang Old Town, and 10 new villages; 13 kindergartens, 11 primary schools, 1 combined junior and senior high school, 1 modern vocational and technical college; 1 charity hospital, 1 nursing home, 1 children welfare association, all of these are turn-key projects, and great efforts have been made to complete them and put them into use at the end of this year.

"This will greatly improve the health care, education, old-age security and other public facilities in Dafang County, and the social security level of the poor groups will also be greatly enhanced.” As an insider said, take the resettlement area project in Shexiang Old Town as an example, 6,000 poor people will be relocated. And the completion of dozens of schools will make 3,000 children and 10, 000 primary and secondary school students get a good education, the completion of the charity hospital, nursing home and welfare house will also increase the number of medical beds, beds provided for the aged and children welfare beds respectively to 500, 400 and 300.

The total investment in 200 agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization bases which were simultaneously constructed reached 300 million, they will consolidate the development of agriculture and animal husbandry bases in Dafang County after the completion, and greatly enhance the poor people's own ability of "hematopoiesis". It’s learned that the 200 agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization bases include 110 breeding bases, 50 vegetable planting bases, 30 Chinese herbal medicine planting bases, 5 economic fruit planting bases and 5 edible fungus cultivation bases, which will have been completed and put into use by the end of the year, and cover 20,339 poor people from 5,517 households at the first 60 impoverished villages that have been assisted and supported by Evergrande.

After the ceremony, 3,105 migrant workers from poor families in Dafang County who had been through Evergrande’s vocational skills training took 48 chartered bus to Evergrande’s subordinate and strategic cooperation enterprises for employment. Ma Biao, Zhou Bohua, Li Chengyu, Hui Ka Yan, Chen Min’er, Sun Zhigang and other leaderships saw off these migrant workers who would soon go to Evergrande for employment, and visited the orphans and exceptionally poor people who had been aided. It’s learned that, these orphans are the one-to-one relief receivers of Evergrande’s high-level leaderships such as Hui Ka Yan and Xia Haijun, and they will get the full range of assistance in life, education and other aspects.

See off the 3,000 Laborers from Poor Families to be Employed In Evergrande.

Visit the Orphans in Poverty Who Receive one-to-one Assistance.

Visit the Exceptionally Poor People.

The Accurate Poverty Alleviation Agreement between Evergrande and Dafang County was signed in December last year. Evergrande will invest 3 billion in poverty alleviation with no return within three years and carry out a comprehensive package of measures such as alleviating poverty by industries, relocating people in impoverished regions, alleviating poverty by employment, alleviating poverty by education and alleviating poverty by improving the living security of the special disadvantaged groups so that all the 180,000 poor people in Dafang County will have been stably lifted out of poverty by the end of 2018. For this purpose, Evergrande made a scientific and detailed “Three-Year Plan” according to the actual situation of the 175 poor villages in Dafang County, which will be carried forward at the whole village yearly and district by district from this year on.

All the work has been advanced efficiently for two months since the signing of the agreement. It’s learned that Evergrande’s first 1- billion poverty alleviation funds have been donated in place, and it has set up 1-billion-yuan special loan guarantee fund for industry poverty alleviation, held four periods of employment training with a total of 4,000 people to recruit poor family laborers. Meanwhile, Evergrande has bought commercial insurance for the 14,140 exceptionally poor people in Dafang County, gave out 11.6 million holiday allowances to 58,000 poor households in Dafang County on the eve of the Spring Festival, and has provided the one-to-one assistance for the 4,993 rural poor children in the county.

On the 26th, the Four Leaderships of Guizhou Province met with Hui Ka Yan, Chen Min’er said Evergrande plays a leading role in the demonstration for social forces to take part in tackling poverty, which is a big event in Guizhou’s poverty alleviation and will be recognized as one remarkable milestone in the history of China's poverty alleviation. Subsequently, the two sides together witnessed the signing ceremony of introducing 20 agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization leading enterprises to cooperate on poverty alleviation in Dafang County with Evergrande’s one-to-one assistance. It’s learned that the 20 businesses planned to invest a total of over 1.2 billion, and Evergrande will jointly create 20 planting core areas for green and organic vegetables, 30 core zones for Chinese herbal medicine standardized cultivation, 50 core clusters for high quality beef breeding in Dafang County with them, which will lift 30,000 people out of poverty.

Meeting Site

Signing Ceremony Site

"After the work conference of national poverty alleviation, General Secretary Xi proposed that poverty alleviation is our fundamental responsibility to achieve a comprehensively well-off society. Evergrande Group donated funds and sent personnel to provide one-to-one assistance for a county, as well as organizing the local government to listen to the views in different aspects, making targeted measures to help the poor people with every single project and household, developing the overall plan, and breaking new paths, which is very representative." Zhou Bohua, member of the Standing Committee of CPPCC National Committee and Director of National Committee of the CPPCC Economic Committee, said in an interview with reporters.

Attachment: The speech made by Xia Haijun, Vice Chairman and President of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Group

Distinguished Vice Chairman Ma Biao, Director Zhou Bohua and Deputy Director Li Chengyu,

As well as respected Secretary Chen Min’er, Provincial Governor Sun Zhigang and Chairman Wang Fuyu,

All the leaders, ladies and gentlemen,

Now I will briefly introduce the progress of Evergrande Group’s support for Dafang County of Bijie City to get rid of poverty.

After the Central Government’s session of poverty alleviation and development held in last November, and under the direct guidance of the CPPCC National Committee, Evergrande’s representative team went to Bijie for investigation. It is a city designated by the CPPCC National Committee for poverty alleviation. Over the month of investigation, the team visited quite a few of local poor families. Many of them still live in drafty thatched and utterly destitute houses, their most precious things are stove and pots, and surprisingly some of them still live on corn. They rarely have meat unless on festivals. Many children have to walk for two or three hours to go to school. This area economically falls far behind at present.  

After the investigation, the person in charge immediately made a detailed report to the Board of Directors, and the management was deeply shocked by the poverty in Bijie. At the meeting, Chairman Hui Ka Yan also recalled his memories of early years in thatched roofed house for classes and the days living on moldy steamed bread. According to his words expressed with emotion, it is China's reform and opening up policy that enable’s Evergrande’s development into a famous group with total assets of nearly 700 billion and annual sales up to 200 billion within less than 20. Without the central government’s reform and opening up policy, there is no Evergrande Group’s existing achievement. We human beings should return to our parents, and similarly, the enterprises should have the sense of responsibility and gratitude. Evergrande Group’s today is indispensable from CPC, the whole society and all of the people, and it is our due social responsibility to help the poor areas out of poverty." Finally, the Board of Directors has reached consistent conclusion to donate three billion yuan to Dafang County of Bijie City, since it is the most populous and poorest. The objective is to help 180,000 persons to completely get rid of poverty.

On the basis of investigation, Chairman Hui and CPPCC leadership personally visited Dafang County on December 18. The next day, we and Dafang County officially signed the Agreement of Evergrande Group’s Exclusive Aid to Dafang County for Poverty Alleviation.

According to finding, traditionally, money and daily necessity donation is the major way of poverty alleviation, while it is ignored to teach them how to get rid of poverty independently in proper way. Fundamental effective solution is in bad need for poverty alleviation. Based upon the field investigation and repeated discussions with Bijie’s and Dafang’s leaders, the final solution is to both exclusively make donation and teach them sustainable effective way of poverty alleviation, so as to completely remove poverty from Bijie. Relying on the advantages in industrial layout, enterprise culture and management, Evergrande Group has determined various measures to complete the task of poverty alleviation via exclusive aiding, such as industry development, relocation of companies, employment improvement, education enhancement, necessary donation to the poor, and the like.

Such measures mainly include the following.

Firstly, industry development will be realized relying on cooperatives for poverty alleviation. Dafang County is rich in farming resources but weak in industrial development. We will invest 1.2 billion yuan into development of 1000 cooperatives, construction of 1000 local agricultural and animal husbandry industry bases, and introduction and development of leading enterprises for poverty alleviation of 50000 households including 130,000 persons within three years.

Secondly, under the support of urbanization and new rural construction, village relocation will be promoted. In Dafang County, many mountainous villages are extremely remote with poor traffic conditions and terrible environment for production and living. Local condition can hardly meet daily necessity for living. Accordingly, we are going to invest one billion yuan into construction of 50 industry-based resettlement areas for relocation of 200,000 poor people, so that they can steadily step out of the shadow of poverty relying on industries in new places.

Thirdly, based on the advantage in employment, Evergrande Group will offer more job opportunities. Most of local youths from poor families are willing to work in other better places; however, they have no strength. Thus we will organize occupation training, and 30000 employees will be distributed to subordinate enterprises and strategic partners of Evergrande, regarding property, gardens, hotels and others. A youth’s employment may pull his family through poverty.

Fourthly, education will be enhanced. Education development is significant for preventing intergenerational transmission of poverty. Evergrande Group will invest 0.5 billion yuan into establishment of 11 primary schools, 13 kindergartens, 1 combined junior and senior high school and 1 modern vocational and technical college. It means local education will be considerably improved, and local children can enjoy high-quality educational resources. At the same time, the "Evergrande Group-Dafang County Education Award Fund" to be established will award and encourage outstanding students from poor families and outstanding teachers. Children determines China’s bright future.

Fifthly, those poverty-stricken will be ensured with daily necessity. Local elderly and orphans and those other in bad need are eager for social care, so 0.3 billion yuan will be invested into new a charity hospital, a nursing home a welfare home for children, so as to completely remove the shadow of depressing poverty.  

In Dafang County, there are 175 poor villages. According to our plan, they will be grouped and aided year by year respectively. In 2016, 60 will be targeted, 80 in 2017 and 35 in 2018. Three years later, the objective to remove poverty in three years will be realized.  

Over the past two months or so since the beginning of this program, everything goes well forward. Poverty Alleviation Office has been set up, directed by the Vice President. Now thousands of participants have made contribution. The initial one billion yuan has been donated, and it has been allocated as follows:

First of all, reconstruction has been promoting by nearly 3000 participants under our leadership. 40 key projects have been well planned and designed, land acquisition demolition and as well as preparation in water and power supply, road and site cleaning have been all completed. Their total construction area is 370,000 square meters. They will consume 1.2 billion yuan in total. The objective is to diver all the keys to the beneficiaries for use at the end of 2016. To be specific, they refer to one county will be relocated and resettled, namely Shexiang Town, 10 new villages, 1 county primary school, 10 rural primary schools, 3 county kindergarten, 10 rural kindergartens, 1 combined junior and senior high school, 1 modern vocational and technical college, 1 charity hospital, 1 nursing home, and 1 welfare home for children. After the completion, 1500 households, including 6000 poor people, will have new houses, 3000 children and 10, 000 pupils will enjoy better education; additional 300 beds will be offered in the welfare home for children, 400 beds for the elderly and 500 beds for patients will additionally offered. It means local health care, education, pension and other public facilities will witness progress and significant improvement of life of those poor.  

In reconstruction process, Bijie City and Dafang County leaders at all levels offer strong support, including the more than 200 government cadres and Evergrande poverty alleviation team. All of them are hardworking and rich in sense of responsibility, and local masses are considerate and selfless, so that 1500 mu of land for reconstruction of the initial 40 key projects was completely cleared within only 27 days, and there are many touching stories. In a county leader’s words, "I’ve never seen such smooth progress since my beginning responsibility for land acquisition and demolition. Local masses offer unconditional support, the leadership work day and night, the relation between cadres and the masses has witnessed unprecedented harmony." Over the 2016 Spring Festival holiday, in Dafang County, it is the orderly continuous reconstruction rather than visiting relatives and friends that is most exciting. It went on even on the first day of the Spring Festival. Now the primary 40 key reconstruction projects have been successfully proceeding.

Secondly, in terms of industry development for poverty alleviation, the first batch of 200 agricultural and animal husbandry industrialization bases have been well prepared and fully equipped. They will totally cost 0.3 billion yuan. Totally in include 110 breeding bases, 50 vegetable planting bases, 30 Chinese herbal medicine planting bases, 5 fruit planting bases and 5 mushroom cultivation bases, covering 20339 poor people from 5517 households of 60 villages that are the primary objects helped. They will be completed and put into use at the end of 2016. 20 leading enterprises of agriculture and animal husbandry industry have been introduced, such as Dili Group, Austria group, Yili Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., with the objective to jointly build 20 green and organic vegetable planting zones, 30 zones for standard planting of Chinese herbal medicine and 50 high-quality beef-for-meat breeding zones. Exclusive fund for industry development and poverty alleviation has been launched, offering one billion yuan to support the poor households’ industry growth and eliminate their poverty. After the completion, these industrial projects will lay a solid foundation for industrial development of Dafang County and greatly enhance their ability of independent growth and poor alleviation.

Thirdly, in the aspect of daily security for and employment of poverty-stricken population, those 14140 in worst need are offered with insurance by Evergrande Group Life-Insurance Company at Evergrande Group’s cost, and the benefit will remove their poverty. At the same time, four labor employment trainings have been held for 4000 trainees, and 3105 poor labors have been employed by Evergrande Group and their cooperators. The over 10,000 people involved will also walk away from poverty day by day. Under our encouragement, the volunteers from Evergrande Group are willing and enthusiastic to pair with left-behind children, the poor ones and the orphans in Dafang County to help them. Now 4993 children have been aided in such way. Within less than 70 days, nearly 30,000 persons in need are going to enjoy better life soon.  

The 40 key projects and 200 agriculture and animal husbandry industry bases launched today in reconstruction will be a starting point of poverty alleviation under our exclusive support. Thanks to the leadership of the CPPCC Consultative Conference as well as the strong support from Guizhou Province, Bijie City and Dafang County at all levels, we have the determination and confidence to help 180,000 people in Dafang County to steadily get rid of poverty at the end of 2018. Moreover, we also hope to make exploration and practice in twinning assistance for poverty alleviation, find a new universal model for reference to benefit more poor people.

In accordance with the deployment of the CPC Central Committee, by 2020, 70 million poor people will be pulled through poverty. This is a hitherto unknown challenge. Joint effort means more promising results, since Evergrande Group is not enough. We hope more enterprises, social organizations and individuals are willing to make contribution to twinning assistance for poverty alleviation, under the Central Committee of CPC’s support and the masses’ active response. We believe poverty will disappear day by day and we will embrace bright future soon.

Thank you all!

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