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Board Chairman Hui Ka Yan Attended CPPCC Press Conference and Talked about Private Enterprises’ Role in Poverty Alleviation and Economic Trends

 Date:2016.03.10   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On the afternoon of March 6, the Fourth Session of the Twelfth CPPCC National Committee held a press conference where members of the CPPCC National Committee Li Yi’ning, Chen Xiwen, Yi Gang, Chang Zhenming and Hui Ka Yan answered questions from Chinese and foreign reporters around “adapt to and lead the new normal, and promote structural reform at the supply side".

Reporter from Renmin Zhengxie Bao: Committee member Hui Ka Yan, allow me to ask you a question. At the plenary session held by CNDCA and ACFIC on March 4, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized "the numerous private enterprises should actively join the glorious causes and charitable activities, and conscientiously fulfill their social responsibilities". I would like to ask, in your opinion, what role can the private enterprises play in the accurate poverty alleviation and poverty removal? Thank you.

Hui Ka Yan: A lot of private enterprises have grown out of nothing, expanded from small to large, and developed from weak to strong since China's reform and opening up, and all these benefit from the policies of the Party and the support from the whole society. As the saying “Drinking water, one should think of its source” goes, repaying the society is the responsibility of every private enterprise. Charity investment and poverty relief is Chinese nation's fine tradition and virtue. A well-off society will be built in China by 2020.There are now 70 million people in poverty, and the task of thoroughly overcoming poverty is still very arduous. All of the private enterprises and the people of the country will join the tough fight against poverty altogether.

Specifically speaking, I think the poverty alleviation now is not like making donations in the past, we should adopt the approach of "transfusion" and "hematopoiesis". We can mainly take the following measures: Firstly, in the aspect of accurate poverty alleviation, we should target every household and every person in accordance with the requirements of poverty removal and poverty alleviation by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. Secondly, in the aspect of poverty alleviation by the industries, the private enterprises should invest capital, technology and talents to help poor people achieve some poverty alleviation from the industries by adjusting measures to local conditions, and help the people really get rid of poverty. Thirdly, in terms of poverty reduction in education, the numerous private enterprises should donate more primary schools, kindergartens, secondary schools, vocational-technical schools, vocational- technical colleges to the poverty-stricken areas to meet the educational needs of the poor areas, and lift the people at the poor areas out of poverty at root. Fourthly, the private enterprises should donate and construct more new rural villages with industries to the people at poor areas. Move those who live in the deep mountains and forests where there are no roads, electricity and drinking water, and in houses that cannot be sheltered from wind and rain to the new rural villages with industries. Meanwhile, we should make some contribution to ecological poverty alleviation such as converting cultivated land into forests and restoring the ecology. Fifthly, concerning the poverty alleviation by employment, and this is the advantage of private enterprises, the private enterprises are expected to provide more jobs for the poor people to achieve "the whole family is lifted out of poverty because of one member’s employment". In a word, the vast number of private enterprises and the people of the country should fight poverty altogether so that the poor people can be lifted out of poverty soon and live a happy life as soon as possible. Thank you.

Reporter from Committee member Hui Ka Yan, as a private entrepreneur, how do you find the current economic situation in China? What do you think the private enterprises should do?

Hui Ka Yan: At present, our country's economic development has entered a situation of new normal. Although it has encountered many difficulties, the fundamentals of our country’s economy are positive, and there are a lot of developmental advantages. Especially under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the people of the whole country make concerted efforts and unite as one, I believe that China's economy will be getting better and better, and we have great confidence.

2016 is the starting year of the "13th Five-Year Plan", the premier mentioned in the report that last year's economic growth reached 6.9 percent, and I think China's economic growth in 2016 will surpass 7 percent. We are extremely confident. A few days ago, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee made a speech at the CPPCC group meeting which has greatly encouraged all the private enterprises and enhanced our confidence. I believe that China's private enterprises will be able to make greater contributions in the process of China’s economic development.

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