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Recording a Sales Volume of RMB 12.2 Billion at the Opening, Ocean Flower Island Set Three World Records

 Date:2015.12.29   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On December 28, China Ocean Flower Island built by Evergrande by spending RMB 160 billion officially opened and led to panic buying storm. With the sales volume of RMB 12.205 billion, the opening sales area of 1.36 million square meters and the amount of subscription of 100,000 people, Ocean Flower Island set three world records.

Sales Volume of RMB 12.2 Billion to Create world Records

Ocean Flower Island is a world-class cultural tourism project built by Evergrande by spending RMB 160 billion in Hainan in the framework of the Belt and Road. The project covers a total area of 8 square kilometers, 1.5 times that of the Palm Island in Dubai, and brings together 600 international design master's wisdom to plan 28 industries including tourism, culture, conference, exhibition, business and others, setting a number of world records including the world's largest flower type artificial island.

In the opening scene, the instant sales data displayed on the "double 11" live big screen kept beating. According to estimates, one suite of Ocean Flower Island was sold on average every 3.2 seconds.

Insiders said that the hot sale of Ocean Flower Island indicates the powerful strength and brand of Evergrande, the accurate product positioning and the success of marketing strategy, and meanwhile, indicates the attraction of Hainan international tourism island and the great potential of China cultural tourism market, delivering a healthy positive energy to the adjustment of the Chinese economy.

Insiders also pointed out that cultural tourism is recognized industry blue sea and has a broad space for development. With the high-speed railway loop around the Hainan Island going into service, the increasingly perfect surrounding tourism facilities and many other major positives, the Ocean Flower Island tourism products will have great appreciation of space in the future. In the opening ceremony, He Miaoling, vice president of Evergrande Group in charge of Marketing, read the Notice on Sales Price Adjustment of Ocean Flower Island in the First Half of 2016: all sales prices increase 10% from January 20 to February 29, further raise 5% from March 1 to April 30, and further increase 5% from May 1 to June 30.

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