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Evergrande Won the Champion of AFC Champions League Again

 Date:2015.11.25   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On the evening of November 21, in the second round of 2015 AFC Champions League Finals, Guangzhou Evergrande Team defeated the Al Ahli UAE Team at 1:0 in Tianhe Stadium, and picked up the trophy of AFC Champions League for the second time, ranking top in Asia twice in three years, creating the new record of Asia Football. It was noteworthy that Evergrande Life Insurance was grandly introduced in the match, becoming the focus on the site.

Evergrande Won the Champion of AFC Champions League

Elkeson Scored the Winning Goal

The championship of Evergrande has written a brilliant chapter for Chinese Football again. Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan has sent a letter of congratulation to Evergrande at the first time on behalf of the Guangdong Provincial Government, praising that Evergrande has won the great honor for Guangdong Football and even Chinese Football, and encouraging Evergrande to excel again at the Club World Cup and to revitalize the Guangdong Football and Chinese Football, making new contributions to realizing our dream of sports power. In addition, Guangzhou Municipal Government and Administration of Sport of Guangzhou Municipality have also congratulated Evergrande for the winning of champion at the first time.

Watching on the Site

Congratulating the Team for the Winning of Champion

On that evening, Board Chairman Hui Ka Yan and Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan, Guangzhou Mayor Chen Jianhua and other leaders at all levels as well as 阿里巴巴 Chairman Ma Yun, English Duke of York Prince Andrew and other important guests jointly witnessed the moment of the team to make history.

Students of Evergrande Football School Put on Performance

Students of Evergrande Football School Put on Performance

After the match, a grand celebration was held in Tianhe Stadium, where the players on the float shared the joys of winning with the fans on the site, and 2800 students from Evergrande Football School put on the performance "Rise". The scene was very touching. Subsequently, the Club held the celebration wine party to jointly share the joys of victory.

Large-scale Celebration Activities after the Match

The championship battle of Evergrande caught the global attention. AFP, AP, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and other global authoritative media made detailed and specialized reports on the match, with comments on the significance for Evergrande to win the champion of AFC Champions League.

FIFA also said on the official website, Guangzhou Evergrande Team occupied the advantage under the cheering of the crazy fans on the home field, while Al-Ahly Team could only take a chance by beating back. Guangzhou Evergrande Team finally became one of the teams that won the most champion of AFC Champions League, making history.

Site of the Celebration Wine Party

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