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Guangzhou Evergrande makes record with five consecutive champions in Super League

 Date:2015.11.02   Publisher:Evergrande Group

In the 30th round of 2015 Super League season on October 31,  Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao team defeated Beijing Guoan with 2-0 in the away match, winning the championship of this season and becoming the first team in the history of Chinese football league with five consecutive champions. With nine champions in five years, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao is also the only Chinese football team so far which includes all professional soccer league championship, once again rewriting the history of Chinese football.

Guangzhou Evergrande wins five consecutive champions in China Super League

Rewrites the history

After this championship, Guangzhou Evergrande not only become the first team with five consecutive champions in the history of Chinese football league, but also the team with the most champions in China Super League. Following the first AFC championship in 2013, Guangzhou Evergrande once again rewrites the Chinese football history, continuing the strong brilliant "Evergrande dynasty" in the field of football.

This season, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao team scored a total of 71 goals in 30 rounds, with a margin of 43 goals and total points of 67, showing great strength at both ends.

Players celebrating championship

Nine champions in five years

Guangzhou began its journey in China Super League in the form of Kaiserslautern miracle. Five years ago, it won nine champions in the Super League, FA Cup, Super Cup, AFC Champions and other tournaments. With nine champions in five years, it is the well-deserved hegemony in Asia, and also China's only football team so far which includes all championship of professional soccer leagues.

According to statistics, as of the 30th round of 2015 season of China Super League, Evergrande has achieved a total score up to 340 points in five seasons, winning 102 games, with winning rate of 68%; total goals of 343, an average of 69 goals per season, and the total number of goals conceded is 127, with an average of 25 goals conceded per season, and less than one goal conceded per match.

According to latest world soccer club ranking released by the professional football statistical data network media-"footballdatabase", Guangzhou Evergrande ranks first in Asia.

Evergrande expedition fans

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