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Evergrande Taobao successful debut as the first stock of Asian football

 Date:2015.11.07   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On November 6, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club ("Evergrande Taobao", stock code 834338) was officially listed in the New Three Boards. Evergrande Taobao became "the first stock of Asian football", which is Asia's first soccer club landing the capital market.

Evergrande Chairman Hui Ka Yan and 阿里巴巴 Group Chairman Jack Ma rang the bell on the scene. Yang Xiaojia-President of stock transfer system, Yang Dehong-President of Guotai Junan, Xia Haijun-Vice-chairman and President of Evergrande Board of Directors, Jin Jianhang-President of 阿里巴巴 Group, Ke Peng-President of Evergrande Taobao, Zhang Hongping-director of Evergrande Taobao and other related executives participated in and witnessed the ceremony.

The scene of listing ceremony

Evergrande Taobao Football Club was established by Evergrande Group in March 2010, which is Asia's most successful and influential professional football club, with a total paid tax of 1.258 billion yuan. Over the five years, it has won nine champions of AFC, Super League, FA Cup, Super Cup and other tournaments.

The industry generally believes that Evergrande Taobao has become the representative of Chinese and Asian football with its excellent performance. These results stem from the realization of a complete career mode and method on the concept, management and culture, which are also the core of its most competitive advantage. The Club has always insisted on the coach responsibility system under the leadership of the chairman, introducing considerable international coaches and top foreign and domestic aids, and inheriting Evergrande cultural construction, with strict management and distinct penalties and rewards, which makes the team invincible in the various events.

The scene of listing ceremony

And according to its development plan, Evergrande will rise to be top 20 world clubs in five years, achieving the second Five-Year Plan of "international standards and world-class". It has deep cooperation with the world's top club-Real Madrid, with overall increase in operating income, striving to achieve profitability from 2016. Evergrande football school transfers student and improves youth training system to cultivate Chinese football talents, and achieve "all Chinese class" within six years.

Insiders said that the listing of Evergrande Taobao was another important milestone in the history of its development, creating a good situation for achieving the second five-year plan of "international standards and world-class", which would launch the advanced business model for Chinese football to be operated by enterprise, market and capital, contributing to the reform and development of Chinese football from a higher level.

The scene of listing ceremony

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