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Hui Ka Yan met with Shenzhen Party Secretary Ma Xingrui

 Date:2015.11.05   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On the afternoon of November 4, Ma Xingrui, Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Shenzhen Party Committee, met with Chairman of the Board Hui Ka Yan and his delegation. President Xu said Evergrande was very optimistic about Shenzhen's potential development in future, and would continue to increase investment and development in Shenzhen.

Ma Xingrui welcomed Hui Ka Yan and the delegation on behalf of Shenzhen Party Committee and Municipal Government, with thanks to Evergrande's contributions to economic and social development of Shenzhen. He said the current good momentum of development in Shenzhen was inseparable from outstanding contributions of excellent enterprises and entrepreneurs. Shenzhen welcomes large multinational groups, Fortune 500 companies and leading enterprises in various industries for development in Shenzhen, and the municipal government would further create a favorable environment, and fair and orderly atmosphere for innovation and development of enterprises, to provide more effective support and protection. Ma Xingrui hoped Evergrande would increase investment in Shenzhen and actively establish the concept of brand development, to develop new business with highlight and consolidation of the main industry, around the advantageous industrial base in Shenzhen. The two sides will promote efficient and pragmatic cooperation with innovative ways and means based on the principle of mutual trust and benefit. Shenzhen will continue to optimize government services in the development of headquarters economy, financial innovation, implementation of health care and other fields, to fully support Evergrande's development and growth, and achieve win-win development.

Hui Ka Yan met with Shenzhen Party Secretary Ma Xingrui

Hui Ka Yan expressed his thanks to Shenzhen government to create good atmosphere and provide support for corporate development, and gave a brief introduction of Evergrande’s development. He said Evergrande was very optimistic about the potential of Shenzhen, and would increasingly enhance the investment in Shenzhen, especially enhance the cooperation of its financial group, Internet group and medical and heath industry, to continuously improve its diversified development strategy and promote the modern international new city construction of Shenzhen.

Mr. Hui introduced Evergrande development

Yang Hong-Standing member of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Guo Yonghang-Standing member and Secretary-General of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Wu Yihuan-Vice Mayor, Xia Haijun-Vice-chairman and President  of Evergrande Board of Directors, Li Gang-Vice-chairman and President of Finance Group, Tan Zhaohui-President of Evergrande Health Industry Group, Xu Wen-President of Evergrande Farming and Husbandry Group, Liu Yongzhuo-President of Evergrande Internet Group, and Wang Zhongming-Preseident of Shenzhen Company participated the meeting.

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