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Evergrande's Core Indicators Rank First in the Industry and Achieves High-quality Development

 Date:2019.08.28   Publisher:Leju Finance

On August 28, Evergrande (HK. 3333) released its performance in H1 of 2019: total assets 2098.5 billion, operating revenue 226.98 billion, gross profit 77.26 billion, core profit 30.35 billion, net profit 27.06 billion, net assets 345.3 billion and cash balance 288 billion, with all core indicators still ranking first in the industry, achieving high-quality development.

In the context of increasing downward trend of macro-economy and sustained regulation of the industry, Evergrande has maintained steady development in this year with various profit indicators ranking first in the industry. This proves again what Hui Ka Yan has said for many times at various press conferences and the annual report performance conference since 2012: "The worse the market is, the more advantages Evergrande will show."

Evergrande has advantages in management, products, cost control and other aspects. Evergrande pays great attention to team building, system building and culture building, forming the management culture of being strict and keeping strictly the rules for reward and punishment, and the great execution ability of the team. Evergrande also pursues high quality at each link to improve product quality and constantly increase the added value of products. As for cost control, it achieves continuous cost reduction through standardized operation mode of unified planning, unified bidding and unified distribution.

Evergrande achieved sales of 281.8 billion in the first half of the year. Xia Haijun, president of Evergrande, said that the company's saleable resources in the second half of the year is about 800 billion, the sales in the second half of the year will exceed 320 billion even based on a conservative selling rate of 40%, and the company was confident about achieving the annual sales target of 600 billion.

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