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Evergrande Real Estate Group donated 2000 cotton-padded clothes to migrant workers held up in the station

 Date:2008.01.29   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Recently, a lot of trains have been late and even failed to set off because of continuous sleet in most of the northern regions. It’s reported that over ten thousand migrant workers were held up in the station and some of them have lacked clothes resistant to the cold and food in such cold weather. After knowing these situations, Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of directors, immediately arranged on January 28 for Xia Haijun, president of the Group, to organize a few departments to donate over 2000 military cotton-padded overcoats in person yesterday to migrant workers who expect to return to their native places anxiously via the Department of Civil Affairs and the Spring Festival transport Command Office.
Yesterday, the reporter saw on the site the whole station square was so overcrowded that even no one could move, more and more passengers were full of anxiety and helplessness and made their way to the waiting room from all directions and more than 100,000 passengers were expecting the trains in Zhanqian Square in the wretched weather. Though the competent department has taken measures to evacuate and emplace tens of thousands of passengers in the square in many directions, a large number of passengers are still held up in the square because most of the trains cannot set off. 
Xia HaiJun said to reporters that Evergrande had paid close attention to migrant workers' rights and interests very much all the time, and in the signing ceremony with 72 strategic cooperative partners on January 25, Professor Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of directors of the Group, thanked nearly 300 construction units for their timely payment of salary in full to migrant workers so that they could return to their native places happily on behalf of 150,000 migrant workers on the construction site of Evergrande; this day, Chairman Xu specially assigned me to send these materials to relevant departments in hope of helping numerous migrant workers held up in the station, equally showing Evergrande’s corporate awareness and idea of paying attention to the weak group and fulfilling social responsibility. We are further strengthening communication with relevant government departments to understand other demands of these migrant workers so that we can do more practical things for them and solve some living difficulties of migrant workers in urgent need of returning to their native places in hope that more people can go home to celebrate the lunar New Year happily and at ease.
The reporter saw on the site some units and individuals donated things there while the employees of Evergrande were unloading cotton-padded overcoats. President Xia Haijun said what Evergrande did this day was only a small piece of cake and they hoped more enterprises, units and citizens would pay attention to the current actual difficulty of held up migrant workers and extend their warm hands to form the largest social force to solve the difficulty of migrant workers on the basis that whoever could contribute money donated money and whoever could offer physical help offered such help because the structuring of a harmonious Guangzhou and society needed the responsibility and efforts of everyone in the society.
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