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The Group Lavishly Entertained Migrant Workers to Celebrate the Spring Festival

 Date:2008.02.14   Publisher:Evergrande Group

The rail and road transport was under huge pressure during the Spring Festival and a lot of passengers, especially migrant workers, couldn’t go home owing to continual rainy and snowy weather in most regions of China. Actively responding to the call of the government, our Group donated 2000 cotton-padded clothes to warm migrant workers held up in the station and Xu Jiayin, Chairman of the Group, even made an call that "Evergrande was home of farm workers". During the Spring Festival period, each department organized a series of activities at the cost of their annual leave for family reunion under the instruction of the board of directors of the Group to arrange wonderful programs for migrant workers staying at Evergrande construction site in Guangzhou to celebrate the lunar New Year.
On the lunar New Year’s eve, a festival allowance of 500 yuan was provided to arrange a "reunion dinner"
The greatest number of migrant workers had this dinner and celebrated this festival on the construction site of Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula, where the lively scene in the dinning hall contrasted the outdoor cold weather distinctly. A Spring Festival couplet was stuck to the gate of the dinning hall which was full of hanged Chinese knots, and migrant workers were at table, enjoying a sumptuous meal, drinking beer and watching the Spring Festival Party with hearty laugh now and then, so the construction site was permeated with a strong festival atmosphere.
"Though we cannot go home this year, Evergrande has given any of us 500 yuan and arranged for fellow workers to get together to eat the hogmanay dinner, so we feel much satisfied ", joyously said Xiao Wang who comes from Hunan Province while eating steaming hot dumpling. Xiao Wang said that all roads and railways to Hunan were blockaded because of serious rainy and snowy weather, so he returned to the construction site to celebrate the lunar New Year under the call of Evergrande after expecting the train in the railway station for days hopelessly, and that he felt very warm for this "entertainment” of Evergrande.
Over thousands of migrant workers celebrated this festival on the construction site of the Group this time, thus the amount of festival allowances provided was over 2 million yuan. Besides Royal Scenic Peninsula, our Group provided farm workers of tens of construction units of five construction sites such as Qingxin, Zengcheng, Century Garden and Splendor New City Project Sites and arranged a hogmanay dinner for them on the lunar New Year’s eve. 
On the first day of the first lunar month, a lively Spring Festival Party was held and the New Year gifts were constantly won
To enrich the life of migrant workers during the Spring Festival, our Group joined hands with Guangdong Provincial Cultural Department, Guangzhou Municipal Cultural Bureau and Guangzhou Municipal Social Labor and Security Bureau to hold a wonderful Spring Festival Party in Huanghuagang Theater for migrant workers in the evening of the first day of the first lunar month. The programs were so rich and colorful with songs, dance, cross-talk and game that migrant workers enjoyed a distinctive Spring Festival.
"I have been a migrant worker for many years and our construction unit has worked on the construction sites of various enterprises, it’s the first time that I ran into an enterprise cared for migrant workers so much like Evergrande", a migrant worker said excitedly. On the scene, many migrant workers held articles for daily use such as gift bags, quilt and cotton-padded clothes because our Group conducted a lottery draw activity at the interval of the evening. Migrant workers were overjoyed for almost everyone won an article for daily use or phonecard.
Mr. Mai (manager) in charge of the party said, the performers of this party included employees of Evergrande and owners of Evergrande buildings, "though we can't reunite with our family, it deserves because we can make migrant workers feel warm and happy."
On the second day of the lunar New Year, a jubilating garden fete was held on the construction site and lottery tickets were won to obtain gifts
At the get-together, Dr. Xia Haijun, vice chairman and president of the Group, made an important speech to send sincere festival regards to migrant workers and said Guangzhou was the home of migrant workers and so was Evergrande if they couldn’t go home. In addition, relevant leaders of Guangzhou Municipal Social Labor and Security Bureau also gave a speech, thinking highly of the protection of the rights and interests of migrant workers of our Group and affirming the complete protection of our Group for employees. He hoped our Group could redouble its efforts to make greater contribution to Guangzhou social labor and security. 
As an important part of this Spring Festival get-together held by our Group, the garden fete on the construction site was held on the second day of the first lunar month. Early in the morning, an endless stream of migrant workers participated in the game on the construction site with quite lively scene.
The garden fete boasts over ten kinds of game such as fast ski car, circling the neck of the duck with an iron loop at a certain distance, blowing candle and guessing lantern riddle to be chosen by migrant workers. Any victorious migrant worker of each game could get a lottery ticket worth ten yuan which could be exchanged with a gift of equal value on the basis of more chances for more participation.
"I have five lottery tickets", one migrant worker happily showed his show lottery tickets to the reporter, "I have guessed five lantern riddles right and I am continuing to do now." When he’s asked about his view on this activity, this migrant worker said good, good again and again, "Thank Evergrande very much for holding such an activity. I will continue working on this construction site this year because I have set my mind on Evergrande!"
To make migrant workers know Guangzhou better, our Group arranged a one-day tour for migrant workers on the third day of the first lunar month, including visit to a lot of Guangzhou scenery involving water scenery waterfall, Yuntai Garden and the Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King.
"We have been in Guangzhou for years, but this is the first time that we went sight-seeing in Guangzhou", Mr. Liang (migrant worker coming from Sichuan) and his wife worked on the construction site of the Group. To save money to support the university education of their child, they have lived frugally and have never sight-see Guangzhou at all, so they felt very glad about the action of the Group.
The personnel of the Group said, "We’d like to make migrant workers realize Guangzhou is their home, though they cannot return to their native place. Migrant workers have worked hard for one year, so Evergrande feel happy that it can manage to make everybody feel warm. "
From the forth day of the first lunar month to the sixth day of the same month, visit to a safari zoo and approach to animals
From February 10 - February 13, the last three days of legal Spring Festival period, our Group arranged for migrant workers to visit Chime-long Night Safari Zoo free of charge in batches. It is reported this activity was the first extensive visit of migrant workers to a zoo in Guangzhou and even China at large.
Migrant workers took great interest in visiting the zoo. It’s cold on the day of visit, but the migrant workers were in high spirits, seeing the animals in the zoo full of feeling of freshness. “It’s the first time that I saw so many rare animals. It is Evergrande that offers me such a good chance.”
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