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World Table Tennis Champion Happily Gathered in Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula

 Date:2008.02.25   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On February 24, Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula held a meet-and-greet event for the world table tennis champion group with “grand national ball ceremony to approach champions" as the theme. Ten-plus table tennis champions, including Zhuang Zedong, Zhang Xielin, Liu Guozheng and Qiao Hong, attended this event. Meanwhile, Guangzhou table tennis fans challenged world champions in an exhibition competition and were given bats autographed by world table tennis champions on the site so that a lot of table tennis fans appraised this event to be "enjoyable".
Made up of about 60 previous world table tennis champions, the Chinese world champion group reached Guangzhou recently. They have attended the welcome reception and opening ceremony of the Evergrande Real Estate 49th World Table Tennis Championships and will continue to watch and instruct this session of World Table Tennis Championships. At 2:00 p.m., the champion group arrived at the sales center of five-star hotel of Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula. Surrounding the sand table and model of the project, the champions took great interests in the overall planning of Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula and inquired to the salespersons enthusiastically. Later, all members of the champion group visited model villa rooms with enthusiasm. After visiting the model rooms, the champion group visited the center square garden on foot along the axis and gave the riverside view resources and exquisite garden view of this project lavish praise.
In the welcoming ceremony, He Miaoling, vice-president of the Group, said in her speech that the Evergrande Real Estate 49th World Table Tennis Championships were opened ceremoniously on February 23 and ten-plus world champions who won honor for China visited Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula on February 24, which Evergrande felt very proud of and honored for. At present, long-term support to such social public welfare as sports, education and people's livelihood has already become an important component of Evergrande's strategic development. In the future, Evergrande will join hands with world champions to commonly popularize and develop national ball game. As far as the reporter knows, over the past several years, Evergrande has sponsored Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race, Women's World Cup Table Tennis Match, and held such extensive sports activities as a sports meet participated in by ten thousand employees with the theme of "supporting 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games". This time, Evergrande exclusively named and sponsored the 49th World Table Tennis Championships, the first time that a Chinese enterprise named and sponsored this type of game, which showed the love of Evergrande Real Estate Group for national ball and its support for such an important international game hosted by Guangzhou.
Zhang Caiqin, former vice director of State Physical Culture and Sports Commission, Qiao Hong, a champion, and so on said in the activity that enterprises paid close attention to such sports as table tennis was far-reaching for the development of Chinese sports and would bring more vigor and resources to sports. Evergrande has paid close attention to Chinese sports for long as an important bridge for popularization of Chinese sports. All the members of the champion group were deeply impressed with Evergrande and Guangzhou, so they expected they would have another opportunity to visit Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula again.
Subsequently, 7 old, young and little people good at table tennis recommended by the municipal table tennis association respectively challenged several world champions in their own discretion in 7 wonderful skill matches. Over 30 spectators on the site obtained bats autographed by the world table tennis champion group.
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