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Chongqing Evergrande Palace Open on Sale! 180 Million Yuan Sales Lead the Chongqing Real Estate Market!

 Date:2008.07.18   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On July 12th, Evergrande Palace, another exquisite Works of the Evergrande Group was opened, and many major press reporters, government officials and corporate leaders were present at the grand ceremony. The distribution center was fully packed, and the occasion was unprecedented. Thousands of buyers were on a buying spree, and the sales exceeded 180 million yuan on the day of opening, a miracle in Chongqing real estate market.

Warmly welcomed by 5000 clients, the real scene distribution mode stunned Chongqing
        To enable potential buyers enjoy what the apartments and houses are really like after completion of Works, Evergrande put forward the notion of "real scene distribution". That is the real landscape, club and mock-up are opened to the public, so that the consumers may make be more rational in making the purchases, which move was recognized by many buyers.
        "Since the opening on May 10th, we have received about 5000 calls and the over 1000 buyers subscribed", said Mr. Chen.
        At about 10am on July 12th, the Site was full of clients who came to see houses and apartments, and the clients enthusiasm are even hotter than the weather, and the parking spaces reserved were fully occupied. And at this time, the distribution center and mock-ups were full of people, and there were still many clients queuing up. As introduced by one salesperson, many clients came to the Site as early as 6am for the sole purpose of getting a good position.
        "In Chongqing, the developers who adopt the real scene distribution mode are few", said an owner, " and that signing the contract after seeing the completed apartment makes the purchase more transparent, which is a reflection of the strong power and good faith of Evergrande Group."

Quasi-complete apartments, real landscape, super-luxurious decoration are manifestations of the power
        Reporters saw at the opening that the Works for Chongqing Evergrande Palace was substantially completed, and the enclosed water system occupying an area of about 14000 sq.m. were filled with water. The royal garden in the center was exhibiting its charm, and the royal clubs were grand. At about 11am, there were still many clients coming from various directions.
        It is learned that the Evergrande Palace occupied a gross building area of about 380 thousand sq.m and the thirteen 4+1 plate type multi-layer houses and fifty-six 11-storey plate-type high-rises are finely decorated and have large space. Evergrande Palace adopts the neo-classical architectural style, and the constructions combine modern elements and European element of heavy architrave in the pedestal. Using classical color for construction, Evergrande Palace is grand and magnificent.
        In the design of royal landscape and garden, Evergrande Palace engaged famous international garden designers and many industrial elites to form the design team, devoted to create a harmonious, luxurious, ecological and comfortable life. The 4-tier enclosed lake occupying an area of about 14000m2 is the essence of the entire royal garden. Reporters also noted that a waterscape axis including multilevel waterfall, fountain and ponds is lined with trees, natural rocks, flowers and flowerpots. The terraces are of different height, water and light vary with rhythm, imparting strong Mediterranean romance. The over 100-year-old high gingko trees around the lake and the 300-odd rare trees of which the diameter breast height is about 30cm are the silent extension of the nobleness of royal garden.
        "They are so gorgeous, I really cannot image the garden could be so royal", many informed reporters on site could help gasping. It can be seen that the quality natural environment in the vicinity of Zhaomu Mountain, quasi-complete club, and grand and noble royal garden exhibit the strong market appeal of Evergrande Palace. Moreover, they reassure the potential buyers in making the purchase.
        Following a group of potential buyers, the reporters came to the mockup and were stunned by the grandeur. In the mock-up, a large quantity of natural and environment-friendly masonry and top-grade timber are used. The floor, skirt, door frame, kitchen finishes, decorative walls and bathtub bed are made of natural marbles of varied colors and textures, imparting the classic nobleness. Reporters saw on site that along with the apartment are provided among others the Daikin package central air conditioner, cabinet, Moen double sinks, Siemens flush-type disinfection cabinet, extractor hood, brand-name cooking range and double-door refrigerator. Top international brand products are used in the lavatory, such as TOTO washbasin, fully automatic smart closet, massage tub. Moen shower head, bathtub faucet, washbasin faucet, and shower bar are used.
        It seems that Evergrande has implemented in a down-to-earth manner the global central procurement and delivery as well as fine decoration standards carefully set down by world-class designer. Over 6000 exquisite quality standards impart the living space with both aesthetics and comfort, thus creating nice living space with super-high cost performance.

Unique "fine works in process" notion, ensuring noble Evergrande life
        Mr. Liao, president of Evergrande Chongqing Company said, Evergrande Palace is the Group's first project in Chongqing, and as a responsible developer with strong senses of missions, the Group would continue in an untiring manner to provide exquisite houses and apartments for Chongqing citizens and made it a long-term goal, and Evergrande Palace was bound to provide brilliant skylines for Chongqing.
        In 2008, Evergrande successfully copied the exquisite, standardized and normalized development of projects to all other projects across the country. From the selection of location to design, construction, distribution and after service, Evergrande is devoted to build exquisite products at all links. Exquisite links value detailed production and management, deduction of "set exquisite flow", "process control across the whole" and other brand-new management systems, including project development, construction, distribution and services.
        On the basis of this, after years of standard operation in tendering and calling for tenders, Evergrande has cooperated with world-renowned companies on such links as product design, material purchases, decoration, marketing, property management, in which way it has integrated all excellent enterprises on the real estate development chain, thus ensuring the quality of all links of the exquisite projects and achieving alliance of global quality resources and improving the product quality and brand values.
        Some insiders analyze that the all-round, large-scale integration of all advantageous resources and seeking cooperation in industr

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