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Evergrande Primitive Mountain and Lake Villa City will soon appear in east Guangzhou – Evergrande’s first villa building in Guangzhou in 2008 - Evergrande Landscape City will soon come into market

 Date:2008.08.29   Publisher:Evergrande Group

2008 landscape series villa building of Evergrande Real Estate Group - Evergrande Landscape City will soon be on sale. According to Evergrande, such project will soon be on public sale and the site is estimated to be formally opened in the middle of August. The report learns that Evergrande will adhere to its consistent sales strategy of “Ensured special opening price for ensured appreciation”. At present, the consultation and registration of Evergrande Landscape City has been accepted in Baifu Plaza, Tiyu East Road, and the market response is warm.

Positioning Primitive Mountain and Lake Villa City with rich product structure
        It’s reported that Evergrande Landscape City covers a total floor area of nearly one million square meters, including about 0.30 million square meters of land area for Phase I. The best front villa products near the lake and on the slope with the best landscape will be available in Phase I of the project, including 140-260 square meters of coupled villas and townhouses and 292 villas built along the lake and at the back of the mountain with south-to-north convection, of which the mid-air living room 7 meters high is extremely attractive. Meanwhile, two-room and three-room Western-style lake view houses on the half mountain and popular on the market will be covered in Phase I, covering an area of 70-140 square meters with 1000 yuan/square meter of luxury decoration.
        According to experts’ analysis, most of villa land in Guangzhou City proper, its south, west and north has been developed and entered into the final stage so that the villa supply tends to reduce year by year, so east Guangzhou will become a hot area of later villa development. According to the analysis of the industry insiders, after the “land ban” is promulgated, the supply of villa products is increasingly in short and the controversy between market supply and demand is gradually aggravated. It’s estimated that in the coming three years, east Guangzhou will become an actor of villa market and one of the spaces with the best appreciation opportunity. Evergrande Landscape City is the latest works of Evergrande fine works engineering and will become a brilliant milestone in east Guangzhou villa compound.

World-class royal garden and large support facilities
        According to the introduction of the designer, Evergrande Landscape City has one hundred mu of primitive mountain and lake, is surrounded by the mountain on three sides and has nearly one hundred mu of central natural lake with shining lake surface and lake water extending naturally. The slope building built along the mountain complies with the prime minister pattern of fengshui, so it’s a rare but good place. The garden design of Evergrande Landscape City incorporates the “mountain” and “lake” into garden landscape with neoclassical European continental style and through different landscape themes and forms four layers of waterfall naturally and five major royal garden groups, creating an elegant ecological garden with European noble style. With nearly ten thousand mu of lake view in the central axis of the community as the centerline, the landscape is distributed naturally, forming a unique visual effect.
        The reporter found on the construction site that Evergrande Landscape City was surrounded by mountains, its central garden landscape initially came into shape, nearly one hundred mu of primitive lake in the center and private lake line three km long were built up, one thousand precious metasequoias were planted along the lake and a plank road was built around the lake with a pavilion in its center. There are trees 30 meters tall and 1800 square meters of primitive golden bamboo land. Fresh air is refreshing.
        According to the introduction of the project head, Evergrande Landscape City uses a brand-new mode of “large building+leisure real estate” in terms of development and upgrades the operation state of “fine works links”. Besides nearby large golf course and rich landscape resources, the project has support facilities such as 50,000 square meters of five-star deluxe hotel, conference center, banqueting hall, Chinese and Western food hall, leisure gymnasium, swimming pool and mountain tennis court. In addition, it uses world-famous hotel management enterprise; world’s top property management company - DTS provides you with “housekeeping type” service system; international bilingual kindergarten sets up world-class star growth system so that your children can win in their infancy. Meanwhile, it will introduce large brand supermarket to make the project a landscape villa building most suitable for residence.

Start the era when middle class buys villas because fine works have large appreciation space
       “At present, though the project is not on sale publicly, a lot of admiring customers visit it and the market response is warm. Most of visitors are house buyers with rigid demand.” The head of the sales center on the project site told the reporter that the supply of Evergrande Landscape City was enough, its product structure was rich and its region had no other landscape villa products whose scale was so large and whose support facilities were so complete, and high-quality units were rarer. And the project takes attractive preferential measures for preliminary buyers. Thus though the new project is not open, house buyers have expressed their strong purchase demand.

30 minute’s nonstop drive to Tianhe center with the most suitable distance to the city proper
        Relevant head of Evergrande sales center told the reporter that Evergrande Landscape City was led by brand-new architectural idea of modern villas to make every effort to make primitive landscape villa models in South China. As the project is at the golden intersection of Guangzhou-Heyuan Expressway (open to traffic in 2009) and North Third Ring Expressway (open to traffic in 2012) and zero expansion works of No. 324 Provincial Highway is to be open to traffic at the end of this year, the express traffic of the project will be effectively ensured in the coming years. Plus 3D urban traffic network, community buses and urban express transport facilities, it’s 30 minutes of nonstop drive to Tianhe center. The developer said the appreciation potential of Evergrande Landscape City was significant and would become one major highlight on the market after Beijing Olympics.


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