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Hui Kayan Won the “Yearly Top 10 Philanthropists in Guangdong” Award

 Date:2009.01.19   Publisher:Evergrande Group

News from this Paper  The first list of “Top 10 Guangdong Philanthropists”, an eye-catching, premium government public welfare award in South China, was unveiled, ten individuals including Mr. Hui Kayan, Board Chairman of Evergrande Real Estate Group, won the award.

Photograph of award-winners including Huang Huahua (6th from the left), Governor of Guangdong Province and Hui Kayan (5th from the left), Board Chairman of Evergrande Real Estate Group

On January 16th, the first “Top 10 Guangdong Philanthropists” award-presenting ceremony jointly organized by the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Charity Federation, Yangcheng Evening News Group, Southern Media Corporation and Guangdong TV Station, was held in the Studio Hall of Guangdong TV Station, the ceremony was live-broadcast on a nationwide scale. Huang Huahua, Vice Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Committee and Governor of Guangdong Province attended the ceremony and presented certificates to the ten award-winning philanthropists. Hui Kayan, Board Chairman of Evergrande Real Estate Group, was the first in the order of precedence to receive this prestigious honor as an outstanding representative of philanthropic entrepreneurs.

This “Top 10 Guangdong Philanthropists” public appraisal is the first philanthropists appraisal event organized in Guangdong Province. It aims to promote the good morals of unity, mutual assistance and poverty alleviation and to further promote the healthy development of philanthropic cause in Guangdong Province. Scope of appraisal include: individuals or organization/institution leaders with outstanding contribution in charitable causes such as disaster relief, helping the aged, the disabled, the orphaned, the impoverished, financing students from impoverished families and making donations to hospitals as well as public welfare causes such as supporting cultural and art development, environmental protection, etc in 2008.

Organizers say Board Chairman of the Evergrande Real Estate Group Hui Kayan well deserves the title of “Top 10 Guangdong Philanthropist”. Over the past decade, Evergrande has been very active in charitable and public welfare causes. Up to now Evergrande has donated a total of 175 million RMB to various public welfare causes. Especially in 2008 when the global financial tsunami plunged the world into an economic recession, Evergrande donated a total of over 50 million RMB to various social causes. In terms of operation, Evergrande has all along been sticking to the “cost price” selling mode, it surrenders billions of profits to the populace to ensure those low-income families “own their houses ” Meanwhile, in response to the snow disaster early this year and the “5/12” Wenchuan earthquake, Evergrande also set a brilliant example for other enterprises.


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