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A high sense of social responsibility

 Date:2009.03.12   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Xu Jiayin attended the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Over 200 domestic and overseas media, over 300 reviews, over 1700 news reports

In March, it is warm with sunshine and gentle breeze. Representatives of the NPC and CPPCC who carried the trust and expectations of the Chinese people went to Beijing to attend the 2nd session of the 11th National People’s Congress and the 2nd session of the 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Professor Xu Jiayin, member of the 11th CPPCC and Evergrande’s Board Chairman attended the meetings with two proposals that mattered greatly to the livelihood of ordinary people, putting him in the spotlight. According to statistics, from the start to the end of the meeting, over 200 domestic and overseas media scrambled to interview Mr. Xu. Over 300 experts’ reviews and over 1700 positive news reports swept throughout various platforms such as the national news agency, newspapers, televisions, radios, internet, etc. Xu Jiayin, Evergrande, “three controls”, “meager profit”, “livelihood” became the key words of these two meetings, prompting heated discussion and unanimous approval.

Such positive and unanimous media evaluation is unprecedented.

News war on the verge of breaking out
30 minutes to finish 100 meters

On the afternoon of March 3rd, the 2nd session of the 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference convened in the Great Hall of the People. At 2 o’clock in Tian An Men Square, an interesting episode occurred.

As soon as Xu Jiayin came to the square in front of the Great Hall of People, he was immediately under siege by over 100 domestic and overseas media and was bombarded with various questions. Once a microphone or a camera was pointed at Mr. Xu, then countless cameras and microphones would follow suit.

In less than half a minute, Mr. Xu was so completely surrounded by journalists that his face could not been seen in the crowds. In order to get a picture of Mr. Xu, journalists went so far as to “pile on top of one another”. Every step to the Great Hall of the People was an effort for Mr. Xu because he was bombarded with various questions such as “what’s your opinion on the real estate market?”, “how to maintain economic stability?”, “what’s the content of your proposals?”, “what’s your opinions on implementation of these proposals”, “where did your passion for philanthropic undertakings come from?”. Mr. Xu patiently and smilingly answered these questions

Mr. Xu’s journey from the square to the Great Hall of the People which was merely 100 meters took him 30 minutes because he was surrounded by countless journalists, cameras and microphones and every step was a great effort. When he finally made it to the entrance of the Great Hall of the People, journalists made full use of the limited time when he was having his ID card verified and continued with various questions. A journalist suddenly asked: Mr. Xu, do you have faith in China’s economic future? Mr. Xu replied with a hearty laughter, of course! I have faith in our Party and government! This statement drew hearty laughter and supportive applause.

Two proposals become the focus of attention
A high sense of social responsibility wins him widespread approval

In his Government Work Report presented at this year’s “two meetings”, Premier Wen Jiabao stressed that all tasks must revolve around “ensuring people’s livelihood, and promoting a harmonious society”. Mr. Wen pointed out that the more difficult the time is, the more emphasis should be put on ensuring people’s livelihood and promoting social harmony and stability. Mr. Wen also stressed that ensuring and improving people’s livelihood should be the starting point and purpose of all economic tasks, more active employment policies should be implemented, promoting economic growth should be combined with creating more job opportunities and improving people’s livelihood to let people share the fruits of reform and opening-up. During the meetings, whether it’s speeches delivered to all attendees or group discussions, “livelihood” was the most-talked-about topic of representatives.

Before the “two meetings”, Mr. Xu submitted two proposals aiming at ensuring people’s livelihood. These two proposals, entitled “Impose Compulsory Profits Donation on Real Estate Enterprises, Establish Low-income Family Support Funds in Various Cities and Towns” and “Adopt Three Control Measures to Reduce Housing Prices, Ensure Sustained and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market”, were the results of his extensive field study and professional research. During group discussions, he further introduced the content of his proposals, he especially elaborated on how to realize the transfer of profits to consumers from local governments, Central Government, and real estate companies to reduce real estate prices and stabilize the real estate market through “three control measures”, namely controlling land price, taxes, and profits.

Such clearly-defined viewpoints immediately aroused heated discussion and widespread approval by meeting representatives and media. Xinhua News Agency published a long news release on these two proposals. China News published the picture of Mr. Xu’s delivering the speech. News 30 Minutes of CCTV 1 gave a special report of this event. Other authoritative media such as China Daily, Economic Daily, the People’s Political Consultative Daily, Nanfang Daily, Guangzhou Daily, the Central People’s Broadcasting Station, BTV,,,, etc. all gave prominent space to this news.

Various media say that ensuring and improving people’s livelihood are the starting point and purpose of reform and development and Mr. Xu’s proposals came at just the right time. Xinhua said that Mr. Xu’s proposals won unanimous applause from the media and netizens. There is no doubt that Mr. Xu represents the interests of ordinary people and is sure to win the support of the general public. Representatives like Mr. Xu are brave enough to give honest opinions. Their existence makes the effect and significance of the “two meetings” even more far-reaching. Their existence brings everlasting blessings to the general public.

Persistent media journalists
Evergrande’s “meager profit” policy wins applause from the general public

Within just one day after Mr. Xu submitted his proposals, he became the focus of attention both at home and abroad. And the subsequent news war was even more dramatic. During the period when Mr. Xu attended the meetings, he was often under the siege of journalists. Apart from the proposals, Evergrande’s prudent development mode, sound capital condition, and “meager profit” policy, also won approval from the general public. Evergrande wins unanimous applause from all walks of life for setting a brilliant example in adopting “meager profit” policy to enable low-and-middle-income families to buy houses

When asked by many journalists about Evergrande’s sales strategy and profit control measures, Mr. Xu said Evergrande adheres to the “meager profit” policy to let house-buyers, especially low and middle-income fami

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