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All Rivers Run into the Sea with Passion- - The induction training for graduates of 2009 is satisfactorily completed

 Date:2009.08.06   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On Jul. 27, 2009, Tianlun Building, the office building in the general headquarters of the group, was permeated with a brand-new atmosphere. 139 graduates of 2009 completed their induction training, formally became a member of Evergrande, and started their roles on the cause stage.
      The induction training for the graduates lasts for two weeks. As the number of graduates participating in the training is large, the scale is large, and the posts are various, through careful planning, the Human Resources Center of the group organized abundant and detailed training contents, arranged the training courses systematically, and add various activities in the training schedule to increase the interest of the training.
      The series courses of the induction training covered the development course, corporate culture, operation status, and management strategy of the company, the commercial etiquette, project construction, human resources and financial system, and individual occupational planning, etc. In the training of half a month, many senior managers of the company and responsible persons of the centers, including Xu Xiangwu, and He Miaoling, the vice presidents of the group, came to the spot to give lessons to the trainees. The fascinating speeches and practical and penetrating analysis won the highly favorable comment of the graduates. From the concentrated attention of the new staff members and the ardent applause after the lectures were completed, it can be seen that good effect was achieved after the training. Through the training of half a month, the new staff members not only systematically know the status of Evergrande in different aspects, but also have more directly perceived understanding of the knowledge closely related to the their individual business.In addition, they have a deeper understanding of the position of the company in the industry and their own mission.

Dr. Xia Haijun, Vice President of the board of directors, answered the questions of the graduates of 2009

The core competitiveness of an enterprise lies in the competitiveness of the personnel. The achievement of the strategic goal of nationwide expansion of the group and guarantee of the advantage of personnel competitiveness are the key points for the development of the group. For the induction training for the graduates of 2009, the group invested more than 1,600,000 yuan. The training was arranged in Heng Da Hotel, an international five-star hotel. Since 2003, Evergrande has started the recruitment of excellent graduates, and a relatively mature training system has been formed till now. Evergrande has always paid close attention to the growth and training of graduates. It not only provides a comfortable and convenient living and working environment and various employee benefits to the newly employed graduates, but also provides a wide development platform for the graduates with lofty ideal.

Mr. Li Gang, Vice President of the board of directors and Executive Vice President, made a speech, encouraging the graduates of 2009

The first lesson in the induction training of new employees of Evergrande -- military training

In the situation that the careers market for graduates is severe at present, although it suffered from “two winters” last year, the company still actively performs its responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Along with the registration of the graduates of 2009, Evergrande has accepted more than 2,000 excellent graduates totally, and has trained a large quantity of excellent personnel.

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