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New Home Association of Hong Kong was Established and Hui Kayan was Appointed as Vice Chairman

 Date:2010.06.17   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On June 15, the opening ceremony and celebration party for the establishment of the New Home Association of Hong Kong was held at HKCEC. Mr. Peng Qinghua, vice director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Stephen Lam Sui-lung, Secretary for Constitutional Affairs of Hong Kong, Hui Rongmao, chairman of the New Home Association, and seven vice chairmen of the Association, including Hui Kayan, Li Jiajie and Li Silian, attended the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Hui Kayan donated HK$10 million to the Association for charity causes.

It is reported that the New Home Association is a charity organization newly registered in Hong Kong. Following the core values of Equality, Care, Unity and Excellence, the Association aims to provide one-stop quality and professional services for those who are planning to or have newly migrated to Hong Kong from Mainland China and other countries, assist them to adapt to the new environment and promote their participation in the development of Hong Kong. The Association also aims to promote the understanding, cooperation and unity of Hong Kong residents and the new comers, with the view of building a society of care and equality following the notion of sharing, harmony, equality and participation. The Association provides services to Hong Kong residents of a residence period of less than seven years, those who have applied for migrating to Hong Kong, those who come from Mainland China with legal permits for study or work and minority population living lawfully in Hong Kong. The Association provides services for pre-migration and post-migration services.

At the ceremony, Mr. Hui Rongmao, Chairman of Board of the New Home Association delivered a welcoming speech, promising that the Association would help new comers to adapt to the new social environment, exert their expertise for the development of Hong Kong and encourage participation of all members of Hong Kong. After the speech, Mr. Peng presented the certificates of appointment to members of the Board of Directors, the Board of Supervisors and the Executive Commission of the Association.

It is reported that two funds are available in the name of the New Home Association: an emergency aid fund for new comers in difficulty and a scholarship fund for excellent children coming to Hong Kong. Those who donate over HK$20 million, HK$10 million, HK$5 million and HK$1 million to the Association will be honored as Diamond Donators, Gold Donators, Silver Donators and Copper Donators.

At the donation ceremony, Mr. Peng declared the beginning of the donation and presented Certificates of Honor to Diamond and Gold Donators. Professor Hui Kayan, Chairman of Board of Evergranda Real Estate Group donated HK$10 million to the Association and was presented with the Certificate of Honor for Gold Donator. According to his speech, care for others is part of human nature and a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. All members of society are obliged to help those in need and difficulty. The New Home Association is an organization to show care for others. He expressed that he would do his best to contribute to the development of a new Hong Kong of equality and love and the well-being and harmony of China and would show continuous care of society to each beneficiary.

Since its establishment 13 years ago, Evergranda, under the leadership of Chairman Hui, has been actively participating in various public charity activities in terms of education, welfare, sports and culture. The Group has made more than 100 donations, with a total fund of hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars. The Group has been recognized as the largest charity donator. The Group has been honored with China Charity Award, the highest honor in charity circle of China, sponsored by the Ministry of Civil Affairs for three consecutive years and more than 20 of other honors including “China Care Donation Award”, “China's Best Enterprise Citizen” and “Enterprise with the Strongest Sense of Social Responsibility of China”. Chairman Hui himself has been honored with more than 30 personal honors including “Top 10 Charitarians of China”, “China’s Poverty-relieving Charitarian”, “National Model Laborer" and “Award for Contribution for the Public Welfare of China.”

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